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Top 10 Laundry Room Storage Tips

2014 June 25
Written by Go Mini’s

Regardless of its’ size, a laundry room can be a breeding ground for chaos and disorganization. With a little planning, however, you can save precious time and your sanity by creating an organized, and possibly peaceful oasis where all your laundry needs are met in one place. Here are ten laundry room storage tips to help you streamline your washing, drying, and folding.

1) The  key to an organized laundry room is to streamline your routine. Utilize wall space, adjustable shelves, and fold away tables to keep your laundry essentials together. Consider small canisters for loose change, buttons, small toys and other “pocket treasures”. Grouping  laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets in clear containers keeps everything you need at arm’s length and makes it easy to see when you are running low.

2) A towel rack can be easily re-purposed as a drying bar when you hang it over or next to your washer or dryer. This is the perfect place to hang damp cotton shirts, wet swim suits, and anything that must  be air dried.

3) Adjustable wire shelving keeps your laundry room organized, and can be configured on walls and above your appliances, Use inverted shelving brackets to divide small spaces, perfect for storing clean towels and bed linens.

4) A thin fold out shelf or table can be stashed between your washer and dryer, giving you a clean space to fold your laundry. Use a standard cutting board to perfectly fold t-shirts and linens.

5) If your laundry room is more of a laundry closet, stack your washer and dryer on top of each other, European style, and use the adjacent space to install some shelving or a wall unit to organize your laundry needs.

6) A plastic shower caddy or plastic tool box with sections can be hung in your laundry room and equipped  with your stain fighting tools, like a scrub brush, a bleach pen, and a stain stick or spray, so you can pre- treat stains and spots before they set,

7) Find a quick and dirty stain removal chart online, print it, and laminate it, so you always know how to treat blood, grass,wine,  and chocolate stains.

8) Designate large laundry bags, hampers, or baskets for clothes that need special attention. Label them to mend, to toss, or to donate, so you keep unworn, ill fitting, or clothes that need repair out of your laundry stream.

9) In the same vein, designate containers for darks, lights, whites, and delicates. Sorting your clothes before you start your laundry ensures you never end up with pink T-shirts and socks again.

10) Regardless of how organized your laundry room is, you still need to put it away. Enlist your household to be responsible for their own clean laundry by stacking clean clothes in designated bins or basket for each person or room.

Many of these laundry room storage tips can be adjusted for both large and small spaces. So whether you have a whole laundry room, or a small closet, your laundry will be clean and organized in no time.

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