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Checklist: What Should You Consider Before Selling Your Cottage?

2015 September 26
Written by Go Mini’s

Do you own a cottage your family doesn’t spend much time at anymore? It can be an emotional decision to sell the place where you and your loved ones have so many happy memories. However, the cost of maintaining a cottage can outweigh sentimental considerations. Selling your cottage can be as big an undertaking as the decision to purchase one. We’ve compiled a list of things to keep in mind before you sell your cottage, including the use of mobile storage.

Is the Cottage Ready for Sale?

Before you contact a Realtor® or put up a for-sale sign, you have to ask yourself whether the cottage is in good condition. Are there any major improvements you need to make? Is everything inside and out well maintained?

If the answer to either question is “no,” then you have some work to do. In addition to the major repairs, make sure that you’ve cleared out any junk — like rusty barbecues or broken chairs — from underneath the structure, and painted anything which looks shabby. Also, have the septic system pumped and inspected, and test the water quality.

Private Sale or Broker?

Once the property is ready, you have a decision to make: do you want to sell the house privately or do you want a broker to take care of the transaction? There are advantages and disadvantages to each method.

If you have the time to handle all the sales inquiries yourself, then you might want to consider a private sale. Remember that you will need to be at the cottage to show it to prospective buyers.

On the other hand, brokers are experienced at selling properties. They know what to say and how high to set the asking price for your cottage. In addition, brokers can hire seo experts to make sure that your house is easily found by people searching on google for homes to buy.

Where Will the Cottage’s Contents Go?

If you’ve had the cottage for anything longer than a couple of seasons, you’ve most likely accumulated quite a bit of stuff. What are you going to do with it?

Ask yourself whether you’re keeping the cottage’s contents. If so, where will the furniture, appliances, and other odds and ends go? Will you try to sell or donate the contents? Answering these questions now will save headaches later.

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