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8 Storage Tips For Your Home Renovation

2014 July 23
Written by Go Mini’s

The most difficult part of renovating your home is often finding enough places or storage containers to store your belongings during the process. Fortunately, these ten tips can save you the hassle.

1. Pare down to the absolute essentials and put the rest in storage containers

Whether these containers go into a storage unit, your attic, or simply another room, neatly-organized containers make a world of difference. Be careful not to pack everything, however – then you’ll find yourself digging for the essentials just to make a cup of coffee.

2.   If the kids often play in the room undergoing renovation, consider investing in a fun new toybox or play area in a different room.

It’ll be much easier for the kids to accept having their usual fun-room taken away if you give them an even more fun storage solution in exchange. Oftentimes, toyboxes double as dollhouses or other play areas. A quick search online should give you a few options.

3. Invest in slip-covers for your most valuable furniture

If you can fit this furniture in another room with no trouble, this may not be quite so crucial, but if your furniture is in another section of the room under renovation or is delegated to the garage, slop-covers will keep them from taking much damage in transition.

4. Employ rolling storage units

Even a simple set of rolling shelves are extremely helpful during renovations. For example, if you’re renovating the kitchen, put all of your essential kitchen supplies on these shelves and roll them into whichever room you’re using as your kitchen stand-in.

5. Make sure all boxes and storage containers are out of the way

While it may be simpler to pile the boxes just through the doorway and into the next room, that leaves them ready and waiting to be tripped over – quite possibly by someone holding dangerous carpentry equipment.

6. Store all valuables of any sort in a way that’s hidden and relatively inaccessible

Even if your renovations are largely DIY, there’s no way to avoid an influx of people in and around your home. Many of them will be individuals you don’t know, individuals well aware of how long it might take for you to notice missing valuables if they’re snatched quietly from a transparent storage container.

7. Don’t be afraid to put storage containers in the garage or the shed

Good portable storage containers should protect them from the chill or from any dirt and grime they might encounter.  Your belongings will be just fine when you’re ready to bring them back inside.

8. Anticipate chaos

No matter how organized you may have been throughout the process, something will inevitably go wrong and a mess will inevitably be made. Prepare yourself for this possibility ahead of time for minimal stress later on.

Be sure to always keep health, safety, and other such concerns in mind when renovating your home, and maybe even put some of these storage tips in use once the renovating is complete.

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