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Why Move With Go Mini’s?

Avoid the headaches that come from the moving day rush with Go Mini's. Our portable moving and storage containers can be delivered directly to your current address so you can pack at your own pace, and then brought to your new address when you’re finished! 

Here are some of the benefits of using our moving containers.

Convenient Scheduling
Fully Loaded Moves
Affordable Prices
Secure & Watertight

How to Move With a Storage Container

When you book a moving container with Go Mini’s for your local move, we take care of all the heavy lifting for you. We bring the moving container to your current home and either move it to your new home when you’re done packing or hang onto it for you until you are ready to move. Learn more about how our moving service works below.

Book your container & We’ll deliver it to you
Load your container at your own pace
Keep it at-home with you for as long as you need
We’ll move it to your new home for you
Book your container & We’ll deliver it to you
Load your container at your own pace
We’ll store it at our secure facility for you
We’ll deliver it to your new home for you

Choose The Perfect Container For Your Move

12' Container
$199/4 Weeks
$219/4 Weeks
+ Delivery and Pick Up
16' Container

$209/4 Weeks
$229/4 Weeks
+ Delivery and Pick Up
20' Container

$239/4 Weeks
$259/4 Weeks
+ Delivery and Pick Up

Benefits of Moving with a Portable Moving Container

Pack & Load at Your Own Pace

Your moving container can be delivered well before your moving date so that you have enough time to sort through and pack your belongings. Since our containers are placed near ground level and delivered right to your property, they make the loading process a breeze!

Convenient & Flexible Delivery

We're here to work with you. Instead of packing up a moving truck on the day of your move - our helpful customer service team can organize a convenient date to drop off your moving container so that you have more than enough time to load it. Once you're done loading - just let us know, and we can pick it up and move it to your new location for you.

Keep It As Long As You Need It

We understand that moving can take time - there's a lot to plan and so many moving parts to consider. Rest assured that when you rent a moving container with us, you can keep it as long as you need it so that your belongings are ready to move when you are.

Store With Us Or Keep It At Home

Whether you're staging your home and need some extra storage for your own possessions or are just in between homes due to staggered moving dates - you always have the option to keep the container at our secure facility or at your location.

When Should You Use a Moving Container?

Direct Moves

Skip the moving truck and avoid last-minute pickups or scheduling issues by moving with Go Mini's! We allow you to book your moving container whenever you want and once it's delivered you can securely load your things at your leisure. When it's time to move just let us know and we'll bring it right to your new home. Sometimes going from point A to point B really is that simple!

Home Staging

Going through the staging process can be tough, you have to pack away all your things while living like a guest in your own home. Thankfully with a moving & storage container rental from Go Mini’s, you can easily store your possessions on your property while your home is being staged.

New Home Construction

Our moving containers can take some of the load off while you’re anxiously waiting for your new home to be built. Our portable moving containers can be brought directly to your current home for you to load at your leisure – then you can choose to have us store it away until your home is ready – or you can hang onto it until you’re ready to move!

Downsizing Homes

Whether you’re downsizing to be closer to work, or just don’t need the extra space anymore – we’ve got you covered. Our moving and storage service allows you to safely store away anything that you want to keep – or aren’t quite ready to part with yet. When you want it back, we can deliver it directly to your new address for you.

Combining Households

From new relationships to taking care of your elderly parents, combining households is always a challenge. With a portable moving & storage container rental, we can provide you with a safe place to store your extra things from both households along with all the time you need to make sure that everyone feels at home.

Our Service Areas

Based out of Mississauga, Ontario, our portable storage units can be delivered to all of the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Our main service areas include:

  • Brampton
  • Burlington
  • Caledon
  • Etobicoke
  • Guelph
  • Halton Hills
  • Markham
  • Milton
  • Mississauga
  • Oakville
  • Oshawa
  • Scarborough
  • Richmond Hill
  • Toronto
  • Vaughan

To learn more about our service areas, click the button below - or give us a call!

Our Service Areas

Customer Reviews

Not sure if Go Mini's is right for you? Don't take our word for it, check out what our customers are saying about us!

Joanne Leclair

Go mini was wonderful to deal with. They went above and beyond to provide us with last minute services rearranging schedules and arranging pickup on earlier dates. The communication was exceptional and pricing was much less than competitors. Definitely recommend and would use them again in an instant !!

Devina Lookman

If you are looking for a storage container unit rental with a company that is honest, professional, efficient, reliable, responsive, friendly, trustworthy, look no further. I had to book an extremely last minute pod rental and the GoMini’s team was absolutely amazing with the entire experience. Travis was my first point of contact and he helped me navigate all my options with such patience. Great offers, too! Carla then became my main contact and she is simply a dream. What was supposed to be one pod rental turned to three (we had some mishaps with our house move and we needed a quick solution), and I don’t know what we would have done without GoMini’s. I called Carla probably 2-3x everyday for 3 days to book, confirm, re-confirm, triple-check, discuss concerns, etc. I thought I must have annoyed her with all my questions but she assured me multiple times that I was not a bother. I appreciated the care and understanding that I received from Carla during such an extremely stressful time. Moving is no small feat. I also need to spotlight the truck driver that came to pick up our unit to bring back to their facility (I didn’t get his name!) He was on our driveway hitching the pod to the truck when all of a sudden, one of our neighbours started honking angrily at him/us. I’d gone to chat with her and assured her it wouldn’t take too long as he is only picking up a unit. She was still very upset because the truck was blocking the street a bit, but the driver made sure to pay careful attention to everything he was doing. There was no way he could have backed up into the driveway more. He explained to me how dealing with people’s property, this process simply cannot be rushed. Could not agree more. (Also, apparently he’s had coffee thrown on him before?! It’s a common thing? Give this man a raise or a bonus!) I appreciated the care that I received at every stage of my experience. Accessing the unit is also super simple and makes our lives a lot easier in this weird interim period of life. Thank you GoMini’s! I appreciate each of you!

Bernie Kamutzki

Prompt service, efficient and courteous drivers. Very satisfied.

Funda Gonulsen

They were very professional and trustworthy, I would definitely recommend them for excellent service.

Menachem Goldberg

Amazing service. Reliable. Flexible. They delivered the box on time and were even early when I finished unpacking. The 12 degrees are fine as long as you pack it right.

Justin Hall

Recently moved from Milton to Caledonia using Go Mini's and it was a breeze, especially thanks to Carla. She was a star – super helpful with all my schedule changes and just made everything easy. The team was great too, really careful with my stuff and the move was quicker than I thought. Plus, those storage containers are huge! Big shoutout to Carla and Go Mini's – made my move totally stress-free. Highly recommend them!

Ennio Occhiuto

Excellent service. The container was delivered on time, exactly as per my instructions. The inside of the container was spotless so I had no issues storing my furniture in it. The company made the whole process so easy. I will definitely use this service again.

Upper Canada

Very professional and extremely reliable! Great company

Geoff Primeau

After an eight week home renovation, we finally moved back in, and I can't say enough about how easy the process was. The storage container was picked up and dropped off when requested, and when we opened it, you could barely tell that anything had moved inside at all. Representatives were easy to get a hold of, and were very friendly and pleasant to talk with. I would absolutely recommend Go Mini's to anybody who is moving or needs temporary storage.

Evelyn Fearon

Great experience, amazing customer service!

Moving Questions

How will Go Mini’s ensure that my contents are not damaged during the moving of the unit?

Go Mini’s has a great team of professional drivers who have years of experience moving our containers. Units are loaded slowly and safely on and off our trucks, and we also recommend and can provide our customers with packing supplies that will help keep your belongings secure inside the units.

Can I get help loading my Go Mini’s rental storage container?

Go Mini’s will recommend a few moving companies that we feel provide great services to their customers, and ours.  Most of our customers take advantage our flexibility and load and unload at their leisure.

How long can I keep my moving container?

For as long as you need! We understand that things don't always go according to plan and that your moving date may be changed to factors entirely out of your control. That's why we don't place any time limits on our container rentals.

Can you deliver a moving container to my location?

Since we operate out of Mississauga ON, we can easily deliver our containers anywhere in Southern Ontario. Visit our service areas page to learn more: or fill out our online quote form to get a quote for delivery to your location.

How does your moving container service work?

Our goal is to make your next move as simple as possible. Once you place your order, we'll deliver a container to your current address for you to load at your own pace. Once you're done, we can either move it directly to your new home for you or store it at our secure facility until you're ready to have it delivered. Learn more on our 'How It Works' page:

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