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10 Storage Ideas for A Perfect Laundry Room

2014 July 02
Written by Go Mini’s

Making good use out of every inch of space is not as hard as you may think. With the use of small to large sized portable storage containers, baskets, and other storage solutions you can transform any room into a maximum storage space. The laundry room is a perfect space to arrange for optimum storage. These storage ideas will help you arrange and organize your laundry room so that you get use of every inch of space.

Create a Shelf over the Washer and Dryer

If you have a front loading washer and dryer then adding a shelf is a way to create more space. You will be able to stack storage boxes on it, create space for baskets, and store detergents right in a quick arms reach.

Roller Storage units between walls and the Washer or Dryer

Extend a shelf over the units out to the wall. This creates space underneath for pull-out storage units like the one pictured here.

Use Portable Storage Containers

You can place baskets and small portable storage containers on shelves. Labeling storage makes finding items quick and easy.

Go Vertical

In order to maximize storage space, utilize the entire wall space. Create a shelving system that extends to the ceiling. Reserve the top shelf for items you are storing but aren’t in need of on a daily basis.

Add Baskets under Shelving

Under the shelf wire baskets not only add extra storage, but it allows for easy access to items you need. You could even try this same concept with a rod, directly under the shelves, that you can hang baskets from. It is a great spot for boxes of fabric softener and light bulbs.

Use the Door Space

An over-the-door shoe storage unit is a smart way to maximize storage space in a laundry room. You can actually use if for shoes, or for household products like your cleaners and smaller cleaning tools.

Construct Storage under the Washer and Dryer

If you have front loading units, then this is an ideal storage solution. Not only do you add more usable storage space, but you are lifting your washer and dryer. This means that it will be easier for you to load and unload them.

Stackable Portable Storage Container Units

If your laundry room has a lot of empty space to fill, you can use stackable storage units. They are easy to make on your own or you can find them available for purchase.

Compact and retractable cloths hangers

Don’t waste so much space on a tension rod or under-the-shelf rod system for drying clothes. They only stay hung up for a short period of time. Make a fold-out drying rack like this one, or find similar systems in stores.

Use a Ladder

Make that ceiling useful by hanging a wooden ladder from it. You can then store just about anything. Get some extra help with “S” hooks as shown here. Or you could also use this idea for hanging clothes up to dry.

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