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Subletting the Cottage? Don’t Leave These Precious Items Behind

2015 September 19
Written by Go Mini’s

Cottages are meant for relaxation, for you and anyone you may rent your cottage to. Taking a few extra precautions to make subletting less risky for your cottage possessions can reduce your stress and make for a better, more enjoyable experience for a subletter who doesn’t have to worry as much about damaging your property by accident.

Long-term Plans

If you have a long-term subletter, it may make sense for you to stash away any valuables and easily damaged items, bringing them out only when you’re using the cottage. Meanwhile, you can invest in cheap tables, sofa covers, and the like for the subletter’s use. Items you may want to store elsewhere in your absence include valuable furniture (people are more careless with things that aren’t theirs), breakable fixtures (people drink at cottages), and rugs (people wear shoes indoors when it’s not their house, and cottage subletters will be getting their shoes and feet dirty outside).

A Short Stay

If you have a short-term subletter, consider a adopting a “party proof” layout to minimize potential damage. Pushing furniture against the walls and keeping breakable stuff in higher cabinets are good first steps. In an article on party proofing, Everyday Dishes suggests keeping a small fire extinguisher in the kitchen cupboard, setting up flameless candles, and covering stain-prone items with slipcovers and tablecloths. Also set out plenty of coasters to protect table surfaces. How much you party-proof depends on how valuable or treasured the possessions at your cottage are to you. Anything that is truly precious to you should be removed when you have a subletter.

Take Advantage of Portable Storing Containers

Regardless of the length of your subletter’s stay, there may be items that you want to store separately such as your outdoor equipment. Similarly, you may have some items at the cottage that you might need at home. If you store these items separately, then you won’t have to inconvenience your subletters by barging in on them to retrieve your stuff.

You can make transporting and/or storing essential items easier by using GoMini’s portable storage units. You can store everything from small items to furniture in containers designed for long-term storage. Our containers are made of smooth, powder-coated steel to reduce the risk of odors, mold, and mildew. Contact us for more information about out portable storage containers.

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