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How It Works - We make mobile storage easy for you!

Choose from two simple options: A. Keep the storage container at your location; or B. Keep the storage container at our secure storage facility
Option A
Keep it handy
We know you might prefer to have instant access to everything you want to store. What's better than having it right there on your property? If you want to keep your Go Mini's container handy, our store at your location option is perfect. Empty it when you're ready and we'll pick it up, or give us a call and we'll deliver it to your new location!
Option B
Store at our secure facility
If you don't want it on your driveway, at your workplace, or on your premises, we'll take it away and store it for you. Secure and safe, you can access it anytime - and have your Mini back with just 72 hours notice, at the same location or at your new place, whenever you're ready!

Here's how it works

We’re the only ones in the industry to have 20ft containers
step 1
Pick a mobile container size - and we'll deliver!

We have a range of Go Mini's sizes, from 12ft to a generous 20ft for you to select from. If you're not sure which Go Mini's mobile container is best for you, just contact us for help.

Choose when you want us to deliver and our friendly, helpful staff will arrange it for you. You don't have to wait around all day, just make sure we have space and access! We'll deliver your clean, weatherproof Go Mini's storage container to your driveway, to your workplace - or wherever you like - and you're ready to start filling it!

step 2
You load your Go Mini's portable storage container

You might think it's just a box - but we've thought of everything. Your clean, secure Go Mini's storage container will have a translucent roof to let in plenty of light for easy loading, a locking roll-up door for convenience and security, near ground-level loading, a vented, galvanized steel exterior to reduce moisture and humidity, plus sturdy railings inside to hang clothing or secure items.

step 3
Choose where to store

Keep your Go Mini's mobile container handy, or out of sight, out of mind at our secure storage facility. We'll pick it up whenever your ready! If you want to extend the time you need your storage container - no problem, just let us know!

step 4
We deliver back to you!

Once you've finished storing, the choice is yours! If you opted to keep your Go Mini's mobile container at your home or business, we can we can pick up the empty storage container or deliver it to a new location. If you chose to keep the container at our secure storage facility, we can deliver wherever you like - back to you or on to the next place.

What's your choice - your site or our secure facility?

Choose from two easy options from the GTA's great portable storage company.

We've been delivering Go Mini's containers, providing secure storage and have been recommended for our great service for almost a decade. Start your Go Mini's mobile storage experience today. Book online or give us a call, and we'll make it easy for you!

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