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7 Excellent Tips for Kitchen Storage

2014 April 15
Written by Go Mini’s

Today’s modern kitchen should include sufficient kitchen storage space for all the contemporary gadgets at your disposal. There’s nothing more frustrating than having your counters cluttered with kitchen tools and appliances when you’re trying to prepare your meals. If you’re suffering from a lack of kitchen storage space, here are some tips to rectify your dilemma.

Kitchen Pantry

Make better use of your kitchen pantry. Store dried foods in clear, plastic containers and similar packaged goods in baskets for easy accessibility. Leave one shelf open for small kitchen appliances such as toaster, blender, mixer, etc. Make sure you have ample space to ease your appliances in and out without having to rearrange the whole shelf or risk scratching the surfaces of your gadgets when storing.

Built In Shelves

Display your small kitchen appliances on built in shelves above your stove or on a side wall above the counter. If your appliances match in color or design, this arrangement could easily add to your kitchen décor.

Use Your Island for Kitchen Storage

Designate a certain amount of cabinet space in your kitchen island for storage. Keep the appliances you use most often up front such as your toaster or blender.

Multiple Shelving

Install specially designed multiple shelf units for storage purposes. When you open the cabinet door, the shelves behind automatically slide out, giving you easy access to pots, pans or small appliances. There’s also a back corner nook for storage of items you only use on special occasions. Prioritize your storage space according to your need. The shelves in the rear can also be pulled out manually for easier access of items in this area.

Hang Up Kitchen Tools

If you want kitchen tools at your fingertips but don’t want them to take up extra counter space, try hanging them up on wall hooks in a neat and attractive design above the stove.

Nooks for Knives and Cutting Boards

Store large kitchen knives in a handy pull out knife block “drawer” next to your stove. Similarly, keep your cutting boards well hidden but easily accessible by installing a cutting board door mount on the inside door of one of your cabinets. When not in use, they are tucked into their own little nook that takes up no extra space on your counter.

Appliance Garage

Invest in an appliance garage for your small kitchen appliances. This compact storage cabinet at the corner of your counter top will keep your blender, toaster, mixer, coffee maker or any other small appliance neatly packed away behind closed cabinet doors when not in use. At the same time, they are close enough to reach at a moment’s notice. Add a roll out shelf for easier access. An outlet or two on the back wall of your “garage” simplifies appliance usage.

These are but a few of the many options you have for improving kitchen storage. Having sufficient storage is a must for today’s modern kitchen to make it the functional environment you desire.

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