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Avoid These 4 Storage Nightmares

2015 October 07
Written by Go Mini’s

What do you think of when the words “self-storage” come to mind?

Do you think about convenience and security? Or are you reminded of all the hazards that could befall your most valuable possessions? If you’re in the second category, you’re being smart. Self-storage facilities can be the least safe places to leave your things.

Read on to avoid these four self-storage nightmares.

 They Store Explosives

In February 2015, a fire ripped through over 100 units at a self-storage facility in Waterbury, CT. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of goods were destroyed. Firefighters on the scene let the fire burn itself out, because they weren’t sure whether there were explosives inside the units.

When you choose to store your belongings at a self-storage facility, you don’t know what neighbouring units are storing. And you also don’t know whether the facility ensures prohibited items don’t make their way in. Ask before you choose a storage unit.

Security Is Shoddy

Do you know what kind of security system the self-storage unit has? If the answer to that question is “no,” that’s not a good sign.

Prevent this nightmare from becoming a reality by selecting a storage facility with high levels of security. There should be trained staff who perform frequent patrols. An alarm system is a minimum requirement.

You Can’t Get in When You Need to

What if you needed to get your files in an emergency and you couldn’t? If you choose the wrong self-storage facility, that nightmare could become reality.

Select a storage facility where you can come and go when you need to. Such facilities give their customers a security code so that they can access their belongings whenever they need to.

Rodent and Bug Infestations

Unless you study bugs or rodents for a living or you’re an exterminator, you’re probably not a fan of creepy, crawly things. So, you definitely don’t want them in your self-storage facility.

Choose a facility that’s clean and well-lit. Rodents and bugs thrive in dark, poorly illuminated environments.

GoMinis: Mobile Storage Made Easy

GoMinis offers an innovative mobile storage solution to protect all of your most valuable belongings. We give you the freedom to decide whether to keep your mobile storage unit onsite or let us take it. Therefore, if you want to avoid self-storage nightmares? Call GoMinis today at 416-777-9400.

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