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Hiring Movers for a Stress-Free Experience

2016 January 26
Written by Go Mini’s

Moving to a new place is exciting!  But it’s also stressful. Finding a new place, new job, packing, and the actual move can be one of the most stressful things  you ever do. ( some people do it more than once)

Planning ahead and doing your research will make your move a lot less stressful, and you are less likely to have ‘mover issues’.

Some people hire a  moving company hoping to make their move easier but end up with horror stories. To keep it from happening to you, look for a licensed and reputable moving company.  ( Ask your Go Mini’s representative for recommendations)

Always do your research ahead of time.

Ask for references from both the moving company and from friends and family. Find out who they used when they moved.

Make sure your moving company has a physical address that ties them to the community.

Don’t hire from ‘help available’ ads online or in the newspaper. The majority are fly-by-night operations who do not have your best interests in mind.  The lowest price is not always the best deal.

Never, EVER pay the entire amount up front.  Reputable companies will never ask you to do this.

Be very clear   (and honest)  with your expectations when requesting a quote from your movers. Get several quotes for comparison.  If you have steep stairs or Grandma’s piano, tell them ahead of time. You don’t want to be bargaining with them on moving day.

Get everything in writing so you will have something to fall back on should the need arise.

If you are packing your own things, make sure to do so with care,  and the thought that someone else is going to be lifting and placing these things when you are not looking.

Speaking of not looking, SUPERVISE your movers at all times. This may require help from  your friends and family.

If you are hiring movers to pack for you, it is not a bad idea to pack extra fragile or sentimental items yourself anyway, and if possible, move them in your own vehicle.

Do you have pets? Don’t forget that moving is highly stressful for them too, even more so than for you. Make sure they are secure, and have all identification information  on them, including your phone numbers,  old address, current address, and an emergency contact for in between. If possible leave them with a trusted friend temporarily  so you can avoid stressing them on  your actual moving day.  Cats in particular go missing on moving days when the crate accidently opens and they bolt away.

Professional movers do this for a living. They will know how to maximize the space in your MINI, making sure everything fits in there just perfectly, and securely .

The use of moving blankets, straps and the correct cartons will ensure all your precious items arrive in the same condition you packed them in.

Your GO MINI’s representatives have the answers to all your questions. Call us today and we can help you find a mover, give you ideas for packing your items safely, recommend the correct size MINI you require for your household goods, and take away a lot of the inevitable stress that pulling up stakes and moving can bring.

We’re here to help! We are your neighbors and we’ll do everything we can to make your move go smoothly.

Call us today for a free, no obligation quote. We will recommend movers who we trust.

Happy trails !

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