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7 Tips to Move your Office Efficiently

2014 April 29
Written by Go Mini’s

Moving your office from one location to another can be frustrating, time-consuming and a lot of work; however, below are seven moving tips that will help.

Planning your Move

Moving from one office building to another is no easy task. Therefore, you should meticulously plan your move a couple of months in advance. Determine what should be moved and what shouldn’t be moved. Look for a reputable moving company. If you have extra office stuff that can’t fit in your new office, or if you have to renovate your new office before moving in, you should consider hiring a portable storage container.

Backup your Digital Data

Because computers are highly sensitive and can lose data, it is important to backup your digital data. This should be done a few days before the move to ensure that the data is uptodate.

Professional Movers or Moving your Office Yourself?

Unless your office is really small, or you own a truck, you shouldn’t consider moving your office yourself. Instead, hire a moving company with the expertise required to complete the job successfully.

Seek help from Everyone in the Office!

Each person should have a responsibility, for instance, you can have one of your guys sorting the files while another one clears office clutter. Be sure to place the folders that are being moved alphabetically or numerically; depending on how they were arranged and placed in a specific box. As the filing cabinet is being boxed up, separate boxes for the filing cabinet in this order: (1) box for the new office, (2) box to recycle and (3) box to shred.

Be sure to mark the box with your business’s name, your name, the new location and if what is inside the box, needs special handling. Mark on the box what is inside. (You may also want to include a priority number on the box to show if it needs to be unpacked first. This may be essential; especially if the items in the box are needed right away.)

Desks and Packing Personal Items

Each person’s desk should be packed by that person. Items inside a desk should only be taken if they will be used at the new location. It is also important to know how much room you will have in the new space and what the new space will look like. Personal items such as framed posters that looked fine in the old office may not look good at all in the new office. So, make sure to give a good look at the new office space to see if you have enough room for your current pictures and other items.

Choose a Good day for the Move

If you are normally closed on the weekend, then move on the weekend.  Most importantly, choose a day when you are not so busy so that it won’t impact your normal operations.

Spreadsheets are a Necessity

Keep in mind; the more you plan for the move, the less stressful it will be. Record everything that will be moved as well as what you need to buy to make the move a success. Once you have arrived at the new premises, use the spreadsheet to confirm whether everything that was loaded has been off loaded.

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