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7 Hacks for Movers

2015 March 18
Written by Go Mini’s

When moving, even before you decide to use portable storage units, it’s good to have a game plan in mind. Why? The answer is simple. Relocating is time-consuming, not to mention stressful. This is especially true, if you have years of accumulated belongings that need to be transferred to your new home.

Consider the following hacks, all of which save time and help to protect your valuables in the process. There’s no better time to start moving like a pro!

Always Pack the Kitchen First

It may seem like packing up your clothes or electronics will take up a lot of time, but the most complicated room to pack is actually the kitchen. All of your oddly shaped mixers and food processors take more time to pack than you think. For extra safety, recommends stacking styrofoam plates in between your glass plates when you pack them.

Pack a Moving Day Kit

Chances are, you won’t be unpacking mobile storage units for rent immediately after the move. Pack a box or bag of essential first-day items. Sarah Davis on suggests items such as trash bags, toilet paper, disposable plates,silverware and hand soap.

Cover Bottles of Liquids with Plastic Wrap

The easiest way to secure these liquids is to lay the plastic over the open top of each bottle and screw the cap back on. This will keep things like shampoo from leaking everywhere.

Leave Clothing on Hangers

Leaving clothes on hangers makes unpacking mobile storage units for rent a breeze! In addition,  packing several items together into garbage bags, makes them much easier to transport.

Color Code Your Boxes

Color code your boxes. This makes them easy to sort out as you move them into your new home. Also, be sure to label your boxes on the side rather than the top so you can see what’s in them while they’re stacked.

Keep Track of Your Cords recommends that you snap a picture of your electronics before you unhook them so that you can use the picture as a guide when you re-install them at your new house. You can also use empty toilet paper tubes to keep wrapped cords separated when you pack them.

Don’t Clean as You Go

It’s nearly impossible to keep your old house spotless while moving. Save the cleaning until after the house is empty. advises that you hire someone to clean the house once it’s empty.

As you can see, there are scads of things you can do to make moving easier. Never wait until the last minute! The more time you allow yourself to get the job done, the better.

One Thing That Will Save You a Lot of Time

The best solution is to store your items in a mobile container, which can either be stored on your property, or at the supplier’s secure storage facility.  At Go Mini’s, we help families keep their items safe and protected in vented, galvanized steel exterior containers.

Learn more about our containers and the process, and either get a quote or book now, and get your house looking its best for buyers!

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