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8 Tips to Make Moving in Winter Much Easier

2014 November 18
Written by Go Mini’s

Moving is already a difficult task, and the difficulties placed in your way by the winter season can make things even more complicated. Here are eight tips that you should follow to make winter moving much easier:

1. Start Extra Early

It’s daylight savings time. This means that instead of enjoying the sun’s rays until well past 9pm, the skies will be smothered in blackness in the early afternoon. This will make moving much more difficult, so make sure that you start your move early enough in the day that you won’t get stuck carrying boxes and furniture in the darkness at any time.

2. Get Your Pet(s) Out of the Way Beforehand

Free roaming animals like dogs and cats can get in the way of a move, posing a danger to themselves and the people scrambling around them. As such, it is important that you place them in a crate or at someone else’s house temporarily while you move.

3. Watch the Weather Reports Closely

Winter is a tumultuous season, and what the weather man said yesterday will often be wrong. Keep an eye out for any sudden turns in the weather that will force you to stop moving early at least twice a day prior to your move.

4. Don’t Pack any of Your Winter Necessities in Boxes

Salt, shovels, ice scrapers and other winter necessities should be readily available, especially if you do not plan on unpacking all at once.

5. Layer Up

Although you want to be warm while you are out in the winter weather, moving is a highly active task that can make your body heat up very quickly; the ensuing sweat can soak your clothing and make you colder than ever. Dressing in layers allows you to peel away clothing as you get to hot, so that you can prevent this from happening.

6. Keep Landings Clean

Although boxes are pretty tough, they are highly susceptible to the effects of water. The winter will create a wet environment both inside and outside; your feet will track wetness as you move, so it is important to keep cleaning the landings, both for the safety of the boxes and those walking through.

7. Clear Out the Snow and Ice For Both Destinations

If the skies are clear, but the ground is still caked in snow or ice, it could cause a serious problem for your moving efforts — just walking through a few inches of snow can be awkward. In order to avoid any holdups, make sure to get the snow shoveled away for both your current home and the place where you are moving to.

8. Use Portable Storage Containers

As we mentioned earlier, time is of the essence. However, portable storage containers can greatly reduce the effects of the daylight savings time-induced time constraints. This is due to the fact that with portable storage containers, you can work on your own timetable — instead of being beholden to the time limits imposed by a moving truck company.

If you’re looking for portable storage containers to make your big move easier, please contact us any time.

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