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7 Steps To Measure The Storage Space You Need

2014 June 04
Written by Go Mini’s

If you would like to maximize the amount of open space in your current home or if you’re preparing to move into a new house, portable storage containers can be a massive help. For a better idea of exactly how much storage space you will need, here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Remove Trash and Clean

Simply alleviate distractions by throwing away any unwanted items. Removing extra junk out of any space makes it easier to visualize the quantity of items needing to be stored.

2. Organize and Separate the Materials to be Stored

Next, begin organizing items you need to put into storage. Fragile or valuable items should be carefully wrapped, especially if you are relocating your belongings. Getting everything prepared before moving items into storage can make things move much faster.

3. Consider Holding a Garage Sale or Donating Items

If your garage or back yard is full of stuff you just don’t want but would hate to throw away, consider holding a garage sale to conserve storage space. For those who are moving to a new home, this is an excellent way to lighten the load and make a little extra cash doing it. You may also want to donate that old bed, closet full of clothes or piano to nearby thrift stores.

4. Estimate the Amount of Open Space You Want

Sometimes the easiest way to determine how much storage space you will need is to consider how many belongings you believe are simply taking up space. For those who are living in a home full of clutter, portable storage containers are a great solution to free up some space. If you are moving to a new residence, conserving space may be a top priority and can make all the difference when it comes to encouraging a welcoming, comfortable home environment.

5. Prepare Belongings for Storage

It’s often a good idea to place your items to be stored close together prior to renting portable storage containers. For instance, consolidating your clothing items in a stack will help you calculate more precisely how much storage space you will need. When belongings are spread throughout the house, it’s very easy to underestimate how much space will be needed to put everything away.

6. Measure Height, Width and Length of Prepared Belongings

After adding up all the measurements you can to get a decent approximation of the total amount of storage space needed to accommodate your belongings. You may end up with one storage container too many or one too few, but at least you won’t find yourself going back to the store over and over for extra containers.

7. Purchase the Right Portable Storage Container

Visit a reputable retailer online or at the store to find what you need. If you are moving, you may wish to purchase portable storage containers that are best suited to carry a great deal of weight. Some portable storage containers on wheels often contain drawers that will easily rattle loose when relocating to a new home.

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