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Transporting Your Cars in 7 Easy Steps

2014 April 22
Written by Go Mini’s

A few simple moving tips can make the process of moving to another city less frustrating.  One of the topics people most frequently need advice on is moving their vehicle.  Thankfully, transporting a vehicle is not as difficult as one may think.

How to Transport Vehicles

Listed below are several easy steps drivers can take to move their vehicle from one location to another.

1.  Select a Good Vehicle Transport Company

As there are several transport companies out there, consumers will need to select one.  The best company will have a good reputation, reasonable prices and an insurance policy on offer.

2.  Check for Visible Problems With the Car

When a vehicle is shipped, there is always some risk of the vehicle getting damaged.  This risk can be minimized by taking the following steps:

  • Wash the car before shipping.
  • Make a written record of any visible dents, scratches or other visible damage.
  • Take and date photos of the vehicle.  Include close-ups of existing damage.  These photos can be used as evidence if required.
  • Ask the transporter to make a note of pre-existing damage.

3.  Remove Personal Items and Custom Products From the Vehicle

As transported vehicles need to be inspected, loaded and unloaded multiple times, they are usually unlocked.  Removing person items from the car will decrease the risk of theft. Some transporters may refuse to transport vehicles that contain personal items as they are not licensed to transport them.  If these items are discovered while the car is on the move, there may be penalties and delays.  Not to mention, items moving around in the vehicle may cause damage.

4.  Prepare the Car for Transport

Getting ready for shipping involves fully charging the car battery and making sure all the fluids in the vehicle are topped up.  The car should only have a quarter to an eighth of gas in the tank.  This will save weight on the vehicle.

5.  Check if There Are Any Problems With the Vehicle

Ideally, consumers will keep an eye on their vehicle for at least two weeks before it its transported.  Doing so will allow them to spot any leaks or problems.  If a problem is discovered, the consumer can alert the driver who will then inform the shipping company. If possible, mechanical issues should be documented.  This document needs to be passed on to the driver or the shipping company.

6.  Ensure That The Vehicle Does Not Get Damaged During Shipping

Making a few small changes can reduce the risk of damage considerably.  These changes are securing the tops of convertibles, adding a wind-resistant tarp, retracting the antenna and folding back the mirrors.

7.  Get Insurance

Many people will be surprised to learn that their vehicle insurance is invalid when the vehicle is being shipped.  This means that buyers need to purchase a special policy to protect their car during shipping.

That being said, if vehicle transport is sorted out, consumers have one less thing to worry about.  As moving house is time-consuming and physically demanding, consumers may want to hire a company to pack and ship their belongings on their behalf.  Alternatively, you can get a portable storage container, put everything in it and then move to your new city.

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