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10 Important Notes on Inspecting Your Car at the Delivery Point

2014 May 07
Written by Go Mini’s

When transporting your car to a certain destination, it is important to be acquainted with a few car delivery inspection tips to ensure that your car is sound before celebrating the successful delivery. We have identified 10 important notes and moving tips on inspecting your car at delivery point, the first one being a preliminary procedure.

Vehicle Inspection Before Shipping

Before having your car shipped by the shipping agent of choice, it is imperative for the car to be thoroughly inspected. The car shipper or mover should give an official car inspection report indicating the condition of the car, which should specify any kind of damage existing in the car prior to shipping.

Record Pre-shipment Damage

Clients are strongly advised to keep a record of any pre-shipment damage and also take photographs of the car, have them dated, and attached to the inspection records. This will serve as proof/ verification of the pre-shipping condition of the car. With photographs attached, it can serve to counter check the car’s condition upon delivery as well as provide evidence in case of any claims.

The 10 areas that require close attention include:

  • Scruffs on paint
  • Scratches on glass
  • Mileage reading
  • Car interior
  • Dents on the car
  • Car roof, front and rear bumper
  • Lights and electronic accessories
  • Wheels
  • Tools and accessories
  • Miscellaneous items e.g. screen wipers, car rugs, and hazard/lifesaver sign.

Verify the Car’s Condition upon Delivery

Once the car arrives, conduct a thorough inspection of the car’s condition. The pre-shipping inspection checklist will come in handy and you can use it to confirm the initial condition of any part if you have any doubt. Look for any form of damage not registered on the initial report. Read the mileage for changes and carefully assess every part of your car including the interior, underneath and on the roof. Look for apparent damage or changes to the car’s condition that might have occurred during the shipping.

Put any Discrepancy in Black and White

Note down any difference you identify between the car’s pre-shipping condition and its current condition. Once you are done with confirming all the changes or disparities between the before and after conditions, make sure that the car’s driver signs the bill of landing for accountability purposes.

Do Not Perform a Car Delivery Inspection in the Dark

Once the car has arrived and you are required to pick it, be careful not to be in a rush. Do not accept the car at night or under other circumstances that may hinder thorough inspection or impair your judgment of the car’s condition.

Check for Missing Items

Confirm that all accessories, electronic equipment, and other key items are intact and in working condition. Check whether the lights are still functional.

Test Drive Your Car

Test driving your car is also important since you can detect problems with the engine. A test run will confirm whether the vehicle is in good working condition or otherwise.

Check The Spare Wheel And Related Accessories

Confirm that the spare wheel is intact and that all the associated tools like the jack, spanner, among others are present. You can also confirm whether the wheels have locks.

Documentation Issues

Confirm that all your car’s documents and records are legible, appropriately filled and signed where applicable. Do this for all relevant documents including sale certificates, payment receipts, invoices, manual, and warranty documents.

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