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5 Important Supplies You’ll Need in Transporting Your Cars

2014 April 08
Written by Go Mini’s

You have finally decided to take that job in a different city, and now you have to move your entire family to a new city. It goes without saying that moving from one city to another is no walk in the park, but when you also have to move one or more vehicles, it can get much worse. Luckily, the tips below will come in handy for those seeking to move a couple of vehicles.

Inspect Your Vehicle Carefully For Existing Damage

The very first thing you should do is give your car a good wash. Make a written record of any damage you find, including chips, dents, scratches, or any cosmetic flaws.  Take close up shots of the damage you have found from several angles and date them. Then you should make sure the transport company makes a note in addition to your records.

Take Out All Custom And Personal Items

While in transport, your car or vehicle will be inspected, loaded and unloaded many times by different people.  For this reason, it is safe to assume your car will be unlocked for most of the time. You can decrease the risk of theft or damage by removing any stereos, after market DVD and CD players, TV’s, GPS systems, and other things of that nature.

Take out All Parking Passes And Toll Tags

Always take away or deactivate any toll tags or parking passes that are in your car. Passes and tags may be continuously charged as the transport happens, even though your car isn’t really going anywhere, not on it’s own anyway.

Prepare Your Vehicle For Transport

Although your car won’t be driven at all while on transit, it should still be in good operating condition.  Mechanical problems could cause delays and damages that could end up costing you.

  • Make sure the battery is fully charged and the tires are inflated.
  • Top off all the fluids in the car like oil, brake fluid etc
  • Ensure that the gas tank is ¼ full
  • Document any problems the driver should know about when he drives your car on and off the carrier.

Prepare Vehicle For The On And Off Loading

This will help the company ship your car with ease.  The better you prepare your vehicle for transport, the better your chances of transporting it with no problems. For example, if you own a convertible, make sure the top is on securely.  Fold in any mirrors, antennae, flags, spoilers, etc or remove them completely. Lastly, make sure your car alarm is disabled. If you can’t disable it, provide instructions to the driver on how to turn it off.

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