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What To Do About Staggering Closing Dates & Staggering Costs

2013 February 27
Written by Go Mini’s

It doesn’t have to be that way.

When you’re moving house, it can seem like you’re going through money like water. A staggered closing date can only add to skyrocketing budgets. But with a family self-move, there are big savings to be had!

If you have a staggered closing and decide to hire a small truck or firm, you’ll effectively have to pay to move twice. Once on move-out day to pack up your house and transport your chattels to storage – then again on move-in day to pack up your storage container contents and transport everything to your new property.

With a Go Mini container, you cut time and money by loading your own container (choosing the size that fits your needs), then leaving the rest to us! We’ll take your full container back to our secure storage location, then deliver it back to you with just 72 hours notice. You can then unload all the contents at your own pace. Take your time – then we’ll pick up the empty container when you’re ready.

There’s no truck driving needed. There are no back-breaking ramps to navigate or lifting equipment to operate. Simply walk right in!

Easy, safe and stress-saving…that’s why so many families choose GoMini’s to help their move go smoothly.

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