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Moving? Try Something Better Than Renting a Truck

2015 June 15
Written by Go Mini’s

Moving is a stressful, expensive process that most people dread. There’s always the fear of forgetting something, fighting over schedules with the truck drivers, running out of space, and the risk of mix-ups with deliveries.

By riding with Mini-Go, you put all of those fears to rest.

Mini-Go doesn’t use trucks or schedules. Rather, you rent a storage unit for as long as you need, and then have it delivered to wherever you want, whenever you want. We understand that one size rarely fits all, so we offer a range of storage containers, from 12 feet to 20 feet. You load and unload it at your leisure, just provide an open area for us to leave the container and give us a call when you want it picked up. You don’t need to wait around all day, just provide an address. We will provide a courtesy call 24 hours beforehand to verify all the details and then we deliver the container to the specified address.

Renting a Portable Storage Container

Each container comes with a translucent roof, allowing light in to make loading easier, and a rolling, locking door for security. You load it in your own time, at your own pace, secure in the knowledge that your belongings are safe in the secure, low-humidity, weatherproof container with the option to extend the time you need it for.

When you’re done loading your mini-go, you have a choice. You can keep it and all your possessions on your property for your own peace of mind, or you can leave it at our own secure facility, with the knowledge that our security team will be keeping a close eye on it. We offer coverage of up to $5000, or $25 every four weeks, and your insurance provider may provide additional coverage under the terms of their existing policy. We also offer great value discounts for long-term storage, contact us for more details.

And when you’re done loading, we can either take the container back or deliver it to another location. If you opt to keep it in our facility, we can immediately deliver it to any address you choose. Our drivers have years of experience, so you can rest safe in the knowledge your belongings will be safe in transit.

Looking for Affordable Storage Containers

If you’re in need of portable storage containers, choosing Go Mini’s storage containers makes a lot of sense. Go Mini’s patented storage containers have a superior design over competitors. Additionally, we are the only ones to offer a 20ft. storage container that is perfect for storing large items.

Contact us today for more information about our portable storage containers.

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