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Why House Hunters Love Mobile Storage Units for Rent (And You Should Too)

2015 July 26
Written by Go Mini’s

The hunt is over. You found the perfect home. Now let’s find the perfect way to move all your stuff.

Portable storage units for moving are an excellent choice, for several reasons. If there’s a move in you’re future, this information is especially directed at you. Read further to learn why more and more house hunters are choosing this convenient option.

How It Works

Portable storage units for moving are available in several sizes. Choose the size you need and then call to schedule a delivery. The containers are delivered right to your home or other desired location. Pack them, at your convenience. You typically save money because you pay one fee, not per day like you do with a moving truck.

When you’re ready to move, call for a pickup and your containers will be delivered to your home or back to the storage facility where you rented the containers.

Great for Home Staging

It’s common knowledge that whenever you’re ready to sell your home, it typically sells much faster when you remove all of your personal belongings. Potential buyers find the easier to imagine themselves in the home when personal items such as photos are put away. Portable storage units are the perfect solution for this.

Portable Storage Units – Perfect for First-Time Homebuyers

Storage pods are perfect for first-time homebuyers because they allow you to take your time moving. You can actually start to pack even before you close on your new home. It’s simple. Begin packing your seldom-used belongings, once you decide on the house you’re going to purchase. For convenience, you can keep the containers at your current location for as long as necessary.

Many people make the informed decision to rent a unit for each room they’re packing up. This way, when they get to their new home, it’s much less confusing to unpack because it eliminates moving mis-marked boxes from the wrong room to the correct one.

There may be a monthly fee for keeping the containers at your location for more than a couple of weeks. (Every storage facility has different rules.) However, the convenience of still having your things close by is worth it. No more traipsing back and forth to a traditional storage facility. Once you’re ready to move, all of your belongings are ready to go with you.

Ready to Rent a Portable Storage Container?

If you’re hunting for a new house, you’ll need a place to safely store your belongings. Hiring a portable storage container is your best bet. At Go Mini’s, we have a variety of mobile storage units ready to deliver to you – from 12ft to 20ft containers – for all your mobile storage needs.

Contact us today for more information about our portable storage containers.

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