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How to Avoid these Common Moving Injuries

2015 July 04
Written by Go Mini’s

Moving can be a stressful time. Between packing, physically relocating, and unpacking your boxes and furniture, the risk of injury seems unavoidable. But it is possible to keep yourself safe. Here are some ways to avoid common moving-related injuries:

1. Lifting. Back injuries are one of the most common — and debilitating — form of injury from moving. Luckily, as explains, you can reduce your chances of injuring your back by bending from the knees, keeping your back straight, and lifting with your legs. Also avoid twisting while carrying any item. Stretching before and after all that heavy lifting can also help keep your body limber. You might consider wearing a back brace to give you some additional support.

2. Dropping. You can avoid bruises and worse damage to your toes by making sure you don’t drop items in the first place. Wearing gloves that help your grip, keeping the path between truck and house free of obstacles, maintaining a steady pace instead of rushing, and seeking assistance with heavier items can all minimize the chances of dropping your belongings, says Reinforcing boxes can keep items from falling out of the bottom and causing injury. Also make sure anyone you are passing items to is ready for the weight, as any dropped items could land on both your feet! Fewer dropped items means that you are less likely to get cuts and scrapes from broken glass.

3. Protection. Hard-toed shoes or boots can keep the damage to your feet to a minimum, advises Massachusetts Real Estate News. No one wants to break a toe thanks to a dropped or fallen item! More minor harm, such as stubbed toes, can also be made less painful with protective footwear.

Remember to keep children and pets safe by watching them closely or keeping them separate from the action. recommends hiring a babysitter, although a play date may work just as well. Pets should be kept in a room separate from the stressful hustle and bustle if possible, while small animals such as birds and rodents will need to be in cages or other carrying cases to avoid them getting stepped on or injured by falling objects.

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