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Heading Back to School? Check out these Storage & Moving Tips!

2023 August 18
Written by Go Mini's

Moving to a dorm or a student house can be both exciting and stressful. You have to pack up all your belongings, transport them to your new place, and unpack them again. If you are moving to a different city, the process can be even more complicated and costly. That’s why so many students have begun using portable storage & moving containers to eliminate some of the stress that comes with every move.

In this article we’ll walk through some of the benefits of using a portable storage & moving container along with some tips & tricks to help make one of the most exciting times of your life even easier.

Why Use a Portable Storage Container?

While traditional moving trucks or storing things at mom & dad’s have typically been the norm when going away for school – many don’t even realize that a portable storage container is an option. In this section we’ll discuss the benefits of using portable storage over other moving and storage options/services.

Save Both Time and Money 

With a portable storage & moving container, you won’t have to rent a moving truck, drive it to your destination, and return it (or worry about gas, tolls, or parking fees). Instead, you can have the container delivered to your current location – whether that’s your current apartment or your parents’ home. From there you can pack and load it at your own pace, and then have us pick it up and transport it to your new home or dorm. 

Secure & Safe

Our portable storage containers are made of industrial-grade steel and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions (both in winter and summer). Additionally, since they are made of steel – they also serve to protect your items from theft or damage as the only entry point is the door – which you can easily secure with a heavy-duty lock (we recommend a disc lock which you can also pick up from our online store). Lastly, you also have the option of storing the container off-site at our secure facility if you aren’t able or don’t want to leave it at your home. 

Keep Your New Home or Dorm Clean

One of the best features of a portable storage container is that you have the option of keeping it for as long as you need! This means that you’ll always have a safe place to keep your extra things in order to keep your home or dorm room clean. Additionally, if you are moving out of your home or dorm at the end of the semester, you may not want to bring all your stuff back with you – so you can utilize your storage container to ‘hang onto’ your things while you’re away for the summer. 

Access Anytime, Anywhere

You can access your belongings anytime. If you need something from your portable moving or storage container, all you’ll need to do is step outside and it’ll be there waiting for you! You also have the option of moving it to another location (such as your new home or apartment) so that you’ll have quick and easy access anywhere!

Tips for Using and Packing Your Container

Now that you know all benefits of using a portable storage & moving container – here are some tips on how to pack like a pro!

Load Larger Items First

By loading in your larger items such as appliances, furniture, mattresses, etc., you can ensure that you have enough space for all your belongings without worrying about re-organizing at the last minute. Still you’ll want to ensure that you plan where you want to place each item to ensure that they don’t fall over – and if they do – that they won’t break anything.


As mentioned above, you’ll want to ensure that you secure all of your items within the container (if they are very top heavy or breakable) this will ensure that they don’t tip over and damage anything else during the moving process.

Get Your Supplies

Nothing is worse than starting your move and realizing that you’re not prepared or have run out of supplies. By investing in the right packing supplies and some careful planning with how you’ll pack – you can save a lot of time and energy during the move. Luckily if you book a container with us, we can provide you with all the packing supplies you need - just select the items you'd like during the quote process.

Plan & Book Ahead

At Go Mini’s we bring the storage to you when and where you need it! That’s why we recommend that you plan ahead for your move so that you can take all the time you need to pack your container at your own pace.

If you’re interested in learning more about our containers, process, or want to get a quote – feel free to contact us here or just fill out our online quote form. Whether you’re moving from a small apartment, house, or even just your old bedroom – we have the right size for you! Our 12 ft, 16 ft, or 20 ft containers offer more than enough room for everyone!

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