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What Shouldn’t Be Stored In a Portable Storage Container

2014 August 13
Written by Go Mini’s

Portable storage containers are a great way to store goods that you aren’t using immediately. Not only can the storage unit be placed just about anywhere, thus making packing and unpacking a breeze, but it also allows for easy access to items should the need for them arise. While portable storage containers can store a great many things, there are certain items that cannot be stored. Knowing what you can and cannot place in portable storage containers will help you make the best use of the container and the convenience it provides.

Food or Food Products 

Food and food products may not be stored in a storage container. This includes all food products, not just perishables. Because storage containers are often left outside, they may attract unwanted visitors if food is being stored inside the container. There is also no power within the unit, meaning you cannot utilize a refrigerator, thus, causing food to spoil.

Paint and Other Household Chemicals 

Portable storage containers limit the type of chemicals that can be stored. Paint, paint products and caustic chemicals should not be stored in a container. Because these containers can be moved, these chemicals could spill, causing a chemical reaction, or, at the very least, a large mess inside the container. Because there is no ventilation in such containers, these chemicals can also create an unsafe environment inside the container. You may, however, store painting supplies, such as rollers, brushes and trays, as long as they’ve been thoroughly cleaned of any wet paint.

Explosive Items 

Explosives are not permitted in a portable storage container. This includes fireworks, oxygen tanks, and any other combustible or flammable objects. The reasons for this are two-fold. First and foremost, a portable storage container is, well, portable, and can be moved. Having explosives in the containers creates a danger to those moving it, as well as those working around it.

Anything Flammable 

Flammable items pose a safety risk to the container and the people around the container, thus you may not store anything flammable within a storage container. This includes chemicals, torches, fuel of any type, and fuel-based appliances. For example, if you plan to store a mower, you’ll need to drain all of the gas out of the device before storing it.

Illegal Items 

Anything that is considered illegal by Ontario law is not permitted inside a storage container. If you are not sure whether or not the products you have are illegal in Ontario, you can check local laws in your area via the government website. Any illegal goods stored within a container, however, can be used to prosecute the renter of the unit.

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