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Don’t Move In With Your Friends Before Reading These Tips

2014 November 22
Written by Go Mini’s

Moving in with friends might seem like a great idea. After all, you know your friends and you enjoy their company. Most people figure there is very little that can go wrong, but moving in with friends still requires a lot of preparation, and, in some cases, more preparation than moving in with a roommate you found through an apartment share ad. Before you commit to living with your friends, consider these tips to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Discuss Your Routines and Preferences First

Just because you and your high school best friend have the same style and enjoy the same TV shows, it doesn’t mean you are the same person. You’ll each have your own routines and preferences, and it is important to discuss these before you pack your portable storage containers and move in. For example, if you’re a neat freak and she’s a pack rat, you might find yourself at each other’s throats pretty quickly. If he’s a loner, but you love entertaining, your living arrangement just might not work out.

Set Some Ground Rules

Setting boundaries is important when living with roommates, but it is more important when those roommates were you’re friends before your new address. Often times, friends can accidentally take advantage of each other when living together. Laying down some ground rules before you pack your portable storage containers can prevent problems. For example, you’ll want to set ground rules about

  1. Food consumption
  2. Quiet hours
  3. Guest expectations
  4. The use of common areas

Figure out the Chores

A chore chart might seem like something five-year-olds have, but they can be invaluable for roommates, too, especially roommates who are also friends. Because you are moving in with a friend, you have the ability to figure this all out before you are living under the same roof. Sit down with your freshly minted roomies and discuss who will be responsible for each chore, then write it down. Creating a chore chart also makes it easy to see who is responsible for what, so no bickering ensues.

Don’t Forget About the Bills

Many a friendship has been destroyed by money, so before you begin calling your friend your roommate, sit down and discuss the financial part of the partnership. Remember, not everyone makes the same amount of money, so you’ll really want to consider your budget when moving in with friends. You’ll also want to figure out how you are splitting non-essential bills. For example, what if you never watch TV, but your roommate wants the platinum package? You might feel like you shouldn’t pay part of the bill, but odds are your roommate will feel differently. Moving in with friends can be a great experience, and it can be financially smart, but it can also be tricky. Before you pack your portable storage containers consider these tips for living with a friend. They will help you have a smooth and satisfying relationship with your friend turned housemate. Moving soon? Click this link to ask us about portable storage containers.

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