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What to do with Furniture Before Long-term Travel?

2015 August 19
Written by Go Mini’s

Most people travel for the short term, rarely longer than two weeks. When they need to travel for an extended period of time, they are then left wondering what to do with their house and furniture.

After all, it’s not feasible to carry a couch with you to another country, and you may not be comfortable with leaving your property unsupervised for extended periods of time.

Ultimately, you have to make a decision, and these are the best three options you have.

Leave it

You can leave your furniture in your house and hope for the best. If you’re leaving for an extended period of time, 6 months or more, this may not be doable. You could get someone to check in every now and then, but that may not be possible or fair for an extended period of time.

Sell it

Selling your furniture, although it is an option, should only be considered as the nuclear option. Posting on sites like Kijiji or Craigslist, or even just holding an impromptu yard sale, might clear away your problem and give you a little extra cash as you travel. You may have an issue with transporting purchases to the buyer, so be sure to cover that when you’re negotiating. But you may not, and you’re still stuck with your furniture and a shorter time frame to take care of it.

Depending on how long you’re gone, selling may be your best option, but not to worry, there is a third option.

Store It in a Portable Storage Container 

By putting your furniture in storage, you can rest assured that it’s safe and secure. Go Mini's allows you to rent a storage unit for as long as you need, and then have it delivered to wherever you want, whenever you want.

They offer a range of storage containers, from 12 feet to 20 feet, which you load and unload at your own pace, confident in the knowledge that your furniture will be safely stored in a secure, low-humidity, weatherproof container.

When you’re done loading, you can either keep the container and your furniture on your own property, or you can leave it at a secure facility. They also offer value discounts for long-term storage.

Storage is the best option for many, and you should certainly consider it.

Rent a Portable Storage Container

At Go Mini’s, we help families keep their items safe and protected in vented galvanized steel exterior containers, Learn more about our portable storage containers and the process, and either get a quote or book now.

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