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The Smart Ways to Protect Your Furniture During Home Renovation

2014 September 10
Written by Go Mini’s

Renovating your home is quite exciting, but has anyone told you it gets messy? Whether you are hiring a contractor or doing it yourself, dust is a nuisance in any remodeling project. Although you may use plastic sheeting on some items, dust and debris will find its way everywhere and that includes your furniture. Dust protection is needful especially if you want to keep your home neat and areas out of the work zone free from dust. In most cases, people will lose nice furniture to dust and debris. Below are various options you could use to protect your furniture.

Cover It with Plastic

If you don’t want to move your furniture, you may want to cover it using a plastic sheet. You can tape the plastic to the floor to prevent dust from getting to your furniture. If you fail to do it properly, dust may find its way to your furniture.

Use Drop Clothes

Drop clothes can be obtained cheaply from your nearest hardware store. This is an ideal option if you are on a tight budget. You can hang them using tape or fasten them using staples. Keep in mind that drop clothes may be effective to a certain extent. The drop clothes may fall off at some point exposing your furniture to dust and debris. It may take time before you notice and your nice furniture will already be covered up in dust.  If you opt for drop clothes, make sure they are fastened properly to prevent them from falling off.

Move the Furniture to another Room

If you don’t have plastic tarps or drop clothes, you may consider moving your furniture to another room. The up side of this option is that you get to work on the room without having to think about the furniture. The disadvantage of this method is that you have to work on one room at a time, plus you will have to return the furniture once you are through. This poses a risk because you may accidentally damage the freshly painted walls when moving the furniture back in.

Be sure to lock the doors to prevent dust from getting to the rooms where the furniture is stored. If possible, you may want to force the dust outside by operating a fan close to an open window. This will prevent dust from getting to other areas of your home.

Place your Furniture in Portable Storage Containers

Lightweight, steel portable storage containers are available in different sizes suitable for various sizes of furniture. These portable storage containers are designed to protect your furniture from dust, termites or bedbugs which thrive in open spaces. Using storage containers is the most efficient and safest method of protecting your furniture during home renovation.

Moving your furniture to portable storage containers will help speed up the renovation and enable you protect your furniture. When shopping around for a portable container, make sure it can comfortably accommodate most of your furniture. For more info on how mobile storage can work for you.

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