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Storing Your Gardening Tools The Smart Ways

2014 September 24
Written by Go Mini’s

When you maintain your garden, you save on the cost of hiring a professional gardener. Maintaining your garden also involves taking care of your gardening tools which do not come cheap. If you do not take proper care of your tools, they will not last and constant replacement is expensive in the long term. A well-organized shed will definitely save you a lot of energy, time and money. The manner in which you store your garden tools determines their longevity. Garden tools tend to deteriorate after use; however, proper storage and maintenance helps to counteract these effects. Below are different ways you can store your gardening tools.

Storage Containers

Portable storage containers come in various sizes to accommodate different sizes of tools. These storage containers are strong and come in different colors and configurations to suit your taste. Portable storage containers like tool boxes could be used to store small garden tools such as pruners and scissors. These storage containers are ideal for protecting garden tools from the elements which increase the rate at which garden tools deteriorate. It’s also safer to place sharp gardening tools in containers.

Invest in Shelves

Open metal shelves are ideal for small sheds where there is never enough light. These types of shelves are sturdy and allow plenty of sunlight to filter through. When selecting shelves for your shed, ensure that they can be adjusted to accommodate tools of different heights. Make sure the items are neatly arranged on the shelves to provide easy access. Take your organization one step further by placing smaller tools in a plastic container for easy access on the shelves.

Use Magnetic Bars

Magnetic bars work well for small metallic garden tools such as shears and trowels. When choosing magnetic bars, ensure they are strong enough to hold the weight of your tools.

Use Hooks

Wrap your garden hose, twine and thin wire on hooks. This will prevent you from tripping over coiled hose or ropes. Make sure you select strong hooks with a steep angle to hold the tools in place. Long handled tools are best stored on hooks where they are suspended and out of the way.

Invest in a Potting Bench

 A potting bench is an ideal place for placing your empty pots and potted plants. Most come with shelves to maximize on space. You could also store some of your gardening tools in the compartments of the potting bench. The best thing about using potting bench is that, it allows you to plant during winter and protects your pots from harsh weather elements.

Make sure you practice proper tool care; garden tools should be washed, dried and sterilized after use. Saws and trimmers should be stored with their covers in place to prevent harm. Portable storage containers provide proper maintenance and storage of your garden tools. This will go a long way to ensure that your tools are safe for use and will last for many years.

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