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A Smooth Move

2016 January 12
Written by Go Mini’s

Use cartons that are similar in size. This allows you to utilize every inch of your MINI.
Things from garages, attics and storage spaces, such as holiday decorations and sentimental items are often the ones that need to be repacked. Cartons that are torn, or will not close properly or cannot be sealed should be repacked into fresh boxes. Use lots of paper to keep things from moving around.
Supplies (available from your Go Mini’s representative)
Bubble wrap, tissue paper or paper towels for delicate items
Rolls of PVC tape and a tape dispenser
Broad-tipped markers for labeling
Sharp knife for cutting cartons
Stickers for identifying boxes
Padded Moving Blankets (available to rent)
Straps to secure your goods inside the MINI (available to rent)
You’ll need to wrap most items to protect them from scratching and breakage. Line the bottom of cartons with a few inches of wadded paper. Place large, heavy items on the bottom and lighter, more fragile items on the top. Keep boxes to a manageable weight. Fill in any voids with wadded paper. Tape cartons securely to avoid shifting while en-route.
Labeling Hints
Use a broad, felt-tipped marker.
Clearly mark your name, the room it should go to and contents on each box.
Indicate “FRAGILE” on delicate items and “THIS END UP” where appropriate.
Pro Tips
Never pack food or things that can spoil with the rest of your household goods.
Pack your out-of-season items first. Next, pack things used infrequently. Leave until the last minute things you’ll need until moving day. Pack your bedrooms and kitchen last, as you will need these rooms first at your destination.
Keep all parts or pairs of things together. Curtain rod hangers, mirror bolts and other small hardware items should be placed in plastic bags and taped or tied securely to the article to which they belong.
Wrap items individually; use tissue paper, paper towels or even facial tissue for fine china, crystal and delicate items. HINT: don’t use newsprint on fine china as the ink can transfer.
Use what you have! Towels and lightweight blankets may also be used for padding and cushioning. Pack small, fragile, items separately or a few together in small boxes, Place small boxes in a single large box, filling in spaces with crushed paper. Fill up your drawers with linens.
Try to pack into boxes that are the same size- so you can utilize all the space in your container.
As you finish with each carton, list the contents on the side of the carton (for easy viewing while stacked) Indicate your name and the room to which each carton should be delivered at destination. Put a number 1 on cartons you want to unpack first at your destination.
Keep a small toolbox handy- screwdrivers, extension cords and a hammer might be needed at your new destination upon arrival.
A little bit of planning and preparation will make your move go smoothly, and the unpacking at your new destination a breeze!
Contact your GO MINI’s representative for more tips and tricks. We’re here to help.

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