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Why Small Businesses Need Portable Storage Containers

2014 August 20
Written by Go Mini’s

If you’re a small business owner, then you’re familiar with the problems that can arise from a lack of storage space, and you’d benefit by using portable storage containers. No matter what kind of business you manage, it’s likely you have more things than you planned to have. This is especially true if you’ve been in business for a long time; the longer your doors have been open, the more stuff you accumulate.

Benefits of Portable Storage Containers

The first way you can benefit from portable storage units is self-explanatory: to store things.  What you might not have considered, though, is the variety of things you’re able to store.  There are two ways to benefit from the storage space you can have with the right container:

  • Furniture – Do you have an extra office desks or chairs that you’re currently not using?  Maybe you’ve recently downsized your staff, but you don’t want to get rid of the extra furniture.  Storing it in a portable storage container is the perfect solution. Once it’s out of your office, you can use the available space more productively.
  • Office supplies – Paper, pens, staplers…these are all items your staff uses on a regular basis.  Many office managers re-order supplies as they run out.  Instead of only keeping enough stock to be used and then re-ordering, why not buy in bulk (after all, it’s less expensive), and store the extras in a storage unit?  This means less time doing inventory checks and more time focusing on the important aspects of running your business.

Recovering from Disaster

In case of disaster, you’ll need a place to keep your most valuable items. If there’s a fire or flood in your office, do you have a safe place to keep your items while repairs are done?  This is another great way a storage unit can benefit you.

The Moving Process

If you’ve outgrown your current office space or you need to downsize, a portable storage container can provide you with the perfect solution.  Everyone knows moving can be a hassle, especially when you’re changing locations after a number of years. Throw out the things you will no longer need, and store those that you will.

Increase in Staff

While a decrease in staff is an ideal time to take advantage of a storage unit, an increase in the number of employees you have can also be a reason to use a storage unit.  When new employees are hired, you’ll likely have to rearrange and store extra items.

Portable Storage Containers: Convenience and Space

Perhaps the top two reasons business owners choose to purchase storage units is for convenience and extra office space.  These units are convenient because they can be located right on your property so that you don’t have to travel to access your things.  In addition, business owners love the extra space they have after moving unused things into a portable storage container.

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