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Moving Fragile Items: How to Safely Move Fragile Items

2014 June 18
Written by Go Mini’s

Moving day is often fraught with all sorts of problems and stress. Having your most fragile items already packed and ready to go can relieve you of at least one problem. Here are some suggestions for properly packing and moving your most fragile items:

Use Sturdy Containers 

The first line of defense for fragile items is the exterior packaging that holds them. Proper storage boxes – rather than those picked up at the local grocery store – are preferred as they have not been weakened by repeated use, moisture and age. Use the older boxes for towels and everyday clothes but save that the sturdiest ones for glassware, lamps and other items that cannot stand to be crumpled or otherwise damaged.

In a similar vein, mark your boxes so that the heaviest items end up at the bottom of the storage container with the lightest and most fragile are the top. Naturally, you should secure all the boxes so that they do not move while in transit. All of these steps keep the heaviest boxes form crushing the lighter ones.

Choose Appropriate Packing Materials 

It is OK to use newspaper to cushion commonplace items so that they won’t rattle and possibly break, but be aware that the ink on the paper may stain or mar anything contained in it. Instead, finer items such as antique mirrors and other glass objects should be wrapped in heavy-duty brown paper to avoid their being scratched and then surrounded by bubble wrap before being placed in a storage box or container.

Durable packing tape and a thick magic marker are also essential tools for safely moving your fragile items. Once your items are safely wrapped and placed in their containers, it is necessary to seal them against any dirt, debris and even insects that might infiltrate the box. Lastly, label any box with valuable items as “fragile’ on three sides. While it may not completely eliminate any problems, at the least, the movers will not throw the box around.

Use Item Specific Packaging

There is a reason that museums individually package major pieces of artwork – the process is almost foolproof. While this is an extreme case intended for very valuable items, the concept is quite applicable in a home setting. There are numerous item specific boxes available commercially. In particular, you will find boxes specifically designed to hold clothes, wine bottles, silverware and other high-end items.

For valuable artwork, it is recommended to have something custom built as paintings, statues and the like are quite easily damaged. The cost is not particularly expensive especially if the artwork is of investment grade and is intended to be moved on multiple occasions.

A Final Note

One of the most difficult and potentially problematic aspects of moving is entrusting your fragile objects to another party. While every moving company promises to be careful with your items, accidents and negligence do happen. A potential solution to this issue is the use of portable storage units like those supplied by Go Mini’s. With one of their mobile storage containers, you can directly pack and oversee the storage of your most valuable items without having to rely on an outside moving company.

If you need portable storage containers in Toronto, call Go mini’s at 416-777-9400. We have a variety of mobile storage units ready to deliver to you. Don’t forget to check out our Packaging Supplies and Portable Storage Containers. We also offer storage solutions for Commercial Services.

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