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Why Using Portable Storage Containers Can Help Your Retail Store Make More Money?

2014 October 29
Written by Go Mini’s

Portable storage containers are a modern, cost-efficient way to store excess stock. They can be used to store a wide variety of non-perishable items that there is no room for within your existing storage space.

They are ideal for businesses that currently do not have the funds or space to build their own storage facilities. In addition, they are perfect for sectors where storage needs fluctuate throughout the year, and provide business owners with wide reaching benefits, moneymaking opportunities and significant savings.

Portable Storage Containers Offer Flexibility and Versatility

They can be rented for as long as you need them. If you only require the additional storage space during a shop refit or for a seasonal stock changeover, you can rent the space you need for that limited time. Portable storage allows you to plan ahead and make changes to these plans as your needs change. A range of available sizes further adds to the flexibility, but the benefits don’t end there; with portable storage containers you can benefit from:

  • Direct delivery to your shop
  • Choice of storage locations
  • Quick delivery to your location
  • Ease of access to your storage in a location of your choice
  • Ability to move to a new location if required

Portable Storage Containers Offer Security 

It is essential for any business that the stock is stored safely and securely. Damaged stock cannot be sold at full price, and stolen stock is of no value at all. By using a portable storage solution, you can ensure that your stock is safeguarded from the weather and pests. The fact that containers can be loaded and unloaded at your location means that you have complete control over the contents.

You can also choose to have the container stored within a secure warehouse, which gives you extra protection against the elements and the risk of burglary. However, you can access your storage unit at any time with just 24-hour’s notice.

The security of your items is assured at all times including during transportation – with multiple securing points within each container, you can use ropes or bungee cords to keep the stock still and secure.

Bonus Benefits 

Having storage that can come to you significantly reduces the number of trips that you need to make to place items in storage or remove them again. Choosing a storage company that can provide you with a complete solution, including transport and lifting, is the only way to save a significant amount of money. These savings allow you to invest in other areas of your business from new product lines to staff training. In the long run, investing in portable storage containers can increase your revenues and aid in the success of your business.

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