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5 Awesome Ways To Store Your Winter Clothes

2014 June 11
Written by Go Mini’s

You’re thrilled that summer has finally arrived but what are you going to do with all of your winter clothing? Whether you’re thrilled to finally tuck away that hideous holiday sweater from your aunt or a pair of outdated flannel button down shirts, there are several winter storage tips you’ll need to know to keep the garments you actually do like wearing protected from moths and moisture.

Use the following winter storage tips to keep your sweaters, corduroy pants and favorite holiday socks free of dust and wear.

Portable Storage Bins

Place rolled up or folded garments in portable storage bins that you can stack in your closet. Before you store your winter clothing, make sure they are free and clear of loose threading or debris by running a lint roller over them.

Cardboard Boxes

Pack your winter clothes away in cardboard boxes or plastic garbage bags that you have yet to throw out from your move-in date. It may look tacky but this is one of those nifty winter storage tips that will get the job done. Also, plastic garbage bags are airtight but never use plastic garment bags from the dry cleaners as they trap moisture and will ruin your winter clothing!

Cedar Chest

Although storing your winter clothing shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, you may want to add a touch of elegance to your home with a cedar chest. A beautifully style cedar chest is perfect for storing winter garments, and it can double as a piece of living room or guest bedroom furniture.

Hang Them in The Closet 

Winter may be over but your winter coats and jackets shouldn’t suffer from a lack of care. Hang up your winter garments on cedar hangers and then surround them in a plastic cover or garment bag. Store these items in a cool, dry place in your home (preferably a closet) so they will remain as good as new.

If you associate moth balls with all things old and worn, you may have good reason to never use them. No matter how many times you’ve researched winter storage tips and found moth balls as an answer to repelling those pesky fabric eaters, you’re still hesitant to let your cold weather clothing smell stale and weird. Use sachets of lavender, orange peel, rosemary or cinnamon instead! When you open up your storage containers and garment bags, you’ll be glad that you chose naturally scented repellents to gross, outmoded moth balls.

Don’t Forget About Your Winter Boots and Shoes

Often an oversight when searching for the best winter storage tips are ideas for keeping winter boots and shoes in top shape. Stuff boots and shoes with either tissue paper or rolls of those over-sized holiday socks you received as a holiday gift. Store boots and shoes on top of garments that have been folded or rolled in bins so that they retain their shape after months of being tucked away in storage.

As you apply these winter storage tips, you will find that the best place to keep winter clothes stored safely is in cool, dry and dark places.

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