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Not Ready to Commit to Minimalism Yet? Give it a Test-Run

2015 September 05
Written by Go Mini’s

Do you love the idea of having an uncluttered living space? Maybe give mobile storage a try.

When you see a sleek, simple layout, do you sigh wistfully and wish that were your home? It could be. Yet, it’s difficult for people to stick with minimalism — possibly because it’s so easy to bring home more stuff! To maintain a minimalist design, you have to commit to it. But if you’re not ready to take the plunge, why not try a test-run? Here are some tips to follow.

Understand the Principles of Minimalism

Before you embark on a minimalist overhaul, you should understand exactly what the design concept means. Minimalism is about stripping away unnecessary elements.

What it doesn’t mean is that you have to spend a fortune on replacing all of your furniture and accessories to fit some ideal. Instead, focus on paring down what you currently have in your home.

How to Start the Test-Run

It sounds counterintuitive, but minimalism takes planning. While it might be easy to just start throwing things out, it’s better to draw up a plan of how to implement a minimalist design. You have balance the design with the items you use everyday.

Also, when you have a test-run, you should confine it to one room of the house. Pick the room where it will be easiest to put minimalist principles into action.


Once you’ve selected the room in which you’ll start the test-run, clear out anything that isn’t absolutely essential. If you’re not sure what qualifies as essential, here’s a good guide: appliances, carpeting, and pieces of furniture such as tables, beds, and chairs stay.

Because you’re only doing a test-run, you want to put whatever isn’t going to stay in the room — any accessories or other items that are unessential — into storage. Make sure that the storage is clean and dry. You don’t want anything getting wet, moldy, or otherwise damaged during the test-run.


Being organized is a side effect of minimalist design. Because you’re putting a lot of things in storage, you need to know where everything is.

Let’s say that you’ve chosen your home office to be the site of the test-run. Your home office might be very cluttered. You should file away any papers which don’t need to be on the desk. Are there pens, pencils or other office supplies lying around? Buy some inexpensive containers to store them.

If you don’t already have a filing system in place, now might be the time to adopt one. A filing system keeps your important documents neat and tidy, long after the test-run has ended.

Need More Storage for Your Test-Run?

If you have too many things to meet your minimalist design, consider Go Mini’s containers to store your stuff. We have portable storage containers in a variety of sizes to meet your storage needs. Contact us today for information about our portable storage containers.

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