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Should You Let a Subletter Use Your Furniture?

2015 August 26
Written by Go Mini’s

Should you let a subletter use your furniture? It’s an age-old question. Advertising a property as furnished will certainly help you find a tenant to take your place for a short period of time, but you may not want to leave your furniture with a stranger. Ultimately, you’ll need to review your options and make a decision based on the information you have and your own concerns.

Background check

Check up on your potential subletter. If possible, you can request a reference letter from previous lessors. If they were referred to you by a friend, you can ask them their opinion directly. It’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to secure a short-term sublet without providing furnishing, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave everything behind. You may even consider picking up cheap furniture to replace your own, just to sweeten the deal and make it easier to secure a sublet, although this may not be practical for you.

For a long-term sublet, however, it might be easier to find someone willing to furnish the apartment themselves, although it’s not assured. Simply put, furnished sublets get more attention because they’re a lot easier to deal with than an unfurnished sublet.


It may not be feasible to haul all your furniture away, especially for a short period. You may be forced to leave at least some of your belongings behind. In this case, you’ll need to secure anything valuable or anything that would be difficult to replace in a safe place.

With a sublet, unfortunately, you can’t always be certain of what’s going to happen. Although a couch can be a pain to replace, it would be a lot easier to replace than a valuable family heirloom that your grandparents treasured. Decide on what stays and goes, and stick to your decision.

Storage Options

If all else fails, you can always look into storage. Go-mini offers a variety of storage containers at reasonable rates that will protect your furnishings for as long as you need.  You can rest assured that your belongings are secure while you’re out of town, while your apartment is occupied by someone you can trust.

Leaving difficult-to-replace furniture in a monitored storage facility will give you peace of mind, and we offer comprehensive insurance coverage of up to $5000, or $25 every four weeks, and your insurance provider may provide additional coverage under the terms of their existing policy. We also offer great discounts for long-term storage. Contact us for more details.

Rent a Portable Storage Container

At Go Mini’s, we help families keep their items safe and protected in vented galvanized steel exterior containers, Learn more about our portable storage containers and the process, and either get a quote or book now.

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