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Signs You Need to Downsize Your Home

2015 May 05
Written by Go Mini’s

There is such thing as too much space. Particularly if you have more than one room that you’re not currently using, but you still need to clean or heat.

“Bigger is not always better. Walking by rooms in your home that do nothing but collect dust is a sign you should consider downsizing,” wrote

“Unused rooms cost money in property taxes, maintenance and utility bills. Moving to a smaller home can mean you consume less energy, use less space and spend less money.”

So let’s look at a few of the lifestyle changes that may have you wanting to downsize.

Empty Nest

This is one of the most popular reasons. This may be for financial reasons, as listed above. There is no need to pay for rooms you’re no longer using.

But, a big house can also feel too empty. So many people opt for something smaller.


You’re no longer working, so perhaps you want to travel more? Or simply, spend less time and energy maintaining the home.

“It’s safe to say homeowners typically don’t daydream about buying a smaller home,“ wrote Geoff Williams and Annalisa Burgos, at

“But minimal maintenance is definitely an upside to not living large. After all, the time and money you used to spend on cleaning and upkeep can now go toward fun things. That’s why some people see downsizing as a step forward, not backward.”

New Job

Maybe you’ve taken a new job, that doesn’t pay quite as much as the last one. Or maybe the new job is in a new city with a higher cost of living, so you might have to move into something a little bit smaller.

New Phase in Your Life

Divorce or separation is also a major reason people choose to downsize their homes. This might mean moving from a house to a condo, if you no longer have a partner who used to take care of home repairs or yard maintenance.

Also, never discount the value of the fresh-start-feeling you can get with a new home.

Make Things Easy

In most of these cases, you’re looking for something easier and less expensive than what you’re doing now. That can also apply to the actual moving process.
For example, our mobile storage units can make things easy. At Go Mini’s, we help families keep their items safe and protected in vented, galvanized steel exterior containers, Learn more about our containers and the process, and either get a quote or book now.

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