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How to Be a Musician in a Small Living Space

2015 August 05
Written by Go Mini’s

The biggest issue many young musicians face is space limitations.

Between your music kit, your own personal belongings, and other pressures like having a family, it can be difficult to store your gear properly, which could endanger your equipment and potentially your livelihood.

It’s all well and good for a teenager to stick their guitar in the back of their closet after trying it out a few times before giving up, but for others, those who value their craft and may even depend on it financially, the potential risks of damage to their (very) expensive equipment can be daunting. Water damage or dings could ruin a guitar or a drum kit.

And that’s without factoring in the size of the equipment. If your storage space is limited, where can you safely store your drum kit or even a decently-sized amp without any concerns? If you have more than one instrument, then the problem becomes even worse.

Storing your Music Gear

This could be a big problem for young musicians, and it can be an awkward one to solve. Short of moving to a bigger house, it may not be feasible financially or in terms of space to store your equipment immediately at hand. The risk of damage and lack of space may force you to look into another storage option.

Although there are a few different options for instrument storage, many of them can get expensive, usually have limited space and storage time and may come with a few personal security issues. If you’re not in complete control of your instruments, you may have problems relaxing or leaving it with someone else, regardless of how well they come recommended.

Is Mobile Storage the Answer?

With Go-Mini, you can choose from a selection of storage containers that you can keep on your property for as long as you need at very reasonable prices. Each container is waterproof and humidity-free, ensuring your instruments are safe and secure.  All we need is an address to leave the container and we’ll leave you to it. And when you’ve secured enough space elsewhere, just give us a call and we’ll come pick up the container.

From drum kits to cellos, we’ll store anything for you, for as long as you need. We can pick up and drop off our containers anywhere within the GTA, so you can store your equipment anywhere, even in a secure facility where we store our containers.

Rent a Portable Storage Container

At Go Mini’s, we help musicians keep their items safe and protected in vented, galvanized steel exterior containers, Learn more about our portable storage containers and the process, and either get a quote or book now.

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