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5 Ways a Portable Storage Unit is Better Than a Moving Company

2015 July 12
Written by Go Mini’s

Is there such thing as a pain-free move? There can be!

If you’re ready to move, you may be debating a portable storage unit versus the more traditional moving company.

Let’s take a closer look.


Portable storage units, some with climate-control capabilities,  are delivered right to your door. Once they’re loaded, you simply call the storage company to request a pick-up. Your containers are then delivered to the company storage facility or the location of your choice.

For your convenience, the pods are available in several sizes. This means no matter how much you have to move, you can easily take advantage of this service.

In addition, regardless of the time that it takes you to pack, you don’t have to worry about paying a daily fee for each day the unit sits in the driveway. You pay one price and take as much time as you need to get everything loaded. You can’t say that about a moving truck, can you?

Less Work

If you opt for a traditional storage facility, you have to rent a truck, pack everything up, drive to the location and then unpack. With the portable option, all you have to do is pack and then unpack at your new location.

These units sit low to the ground, so you don’t have to worry about going up and down the moving truck ramp over and over again.

Some people choose to rent a pod for every room in their house. Packing in this manner eliminates the chore of making sure the right boxes go into the right rooms when you’re unpacking.

Less Money

In many instances, portable storage actually saves you money. Take into account moving truck fees and the gas it takes to get from point A to point B. Depending on the distance to your new location, these costs can add up.


If your move is a long-distance one, comparing portable storage units is a wise idea. Because the units are weather-proof you won’t have to worry about water or wind damage in the event of inclement weather. If you’ll be using the containers for long-term storage, you can rest easy knowing that they’re also dust-free and pest-proof.

Saves Time

Some portable storage companies will take it upon themselves to hire helpers on your behalf. Like a traditional moving company, they will come and pack up all of your belongings for you. It’s as easy as that!

Are You Interested in Renting a Portable Storage Container?

Go Mini’s is an established, award-winning portable storage company in Toronto. We have a variety of mobile storage units ready to deliver to you – from 12ft to 20ft containers – for all your mobile storage needs.

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