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How to Handle Common Shipping Problems

2014 May 14
Written by Go Mini’s

Shipping items has become easier and more efficient over time; however, there still exists a number of shipping problems. For those who are directly affected by such misfortunes, a basic understanding of the essential shipping problems and solutions can go a long way in improving the situation. Some of the most common shipping problems include:

  • Damaged deliveries
  • Loss of items
  • Wrong shipping address
  • Wrong quantity shipped
  • Delay with order processing
  • Wrong tracking code
  • Wrong item sent to customer

Damaged Deliveries

This is by far one of the greatest shipping problems today. In case you receive your delivery faulty or damaged, the best thing to do is to inform your shipping agency. Afterwards, you can register a complaint or file a claim with the agency. It is wise to be familiar with the shipper’s terms with regards to guarantee for damaged items. Some agencies will offer compensation others won’t.

Lost Items

If you have confirmed that your order is lost and cannot be traced, you should file a claim with the shipping company. Most shipping corporations are insured against loss of items on transit so your claim should be addressed promptly if valid.

Wrong Shipping Address

If an error is detected in the shipping address prior to sending the package, e.g. through verifying with other authoritative records, the customer can be informed and requested for the right address. In this case, an alternative address can be given. However, the case will be different if the order has already been shipped. In this case, the delivery might have been shipped to a non-existent address or to a different person.

Reshipping of items comes at an extra cost; therefore, you need to be certain who bears the responsibility—the shipper or you! It is important for you to have some kind of proof that the shipping address you gave the shipper is the right one.

Wrong Quantity Shipped

This happens when the right item is delivered but in wrong quantities. This is common especially in cases where the shipper is handling huge amounts of similar items destined for different locations. The most common and worse of this situation is where the delivered amount is less than what was ordered/ expected. To mitigate this shipping problem, ensure you review the invoice from the shipping entity.

Delay With Order Processing

The main reason behind processing delays is lack of stock or delay in verification of some records, among other factors. If a delivery is delayed, the shipper should inform in advance.

Wrong Tracking Code

At one time or the other, you might receive a tracking code that is invalid, or one that belongs to a different item altogether. The problem originates from the shipper’s end and it can be eliminated by cross checking the tracking codes prior to sending them to clients.

Wrong Item Sent to Client

This unfortunate occurrence gives the client a bad impression of the shipping company. The problem is actually linked to poor customer service. Although this is not frequent, its effects are detrimental particularly on the shipping agency. In such a case, it is good to know the terms and procedures regarding the return of wrongly delivered items.

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