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6 Problems You Need to Know Before Moving to a New House

2015 April 08
Written by Go Mini’s

Moving is typically stressful, even if everything is going to plan. There are the costs, and the physical exertion, and all the small but important details like notifying the post office.  It’s no simple feat to move your entire life from point A to point B! There are a handful of issues that arise that can make the moving process more difficult than necessary.  The more you are aware of these potential problems, the easier you’ll be able to handle them, and keep yourself on track. Let’s examine 6 of the most common problems you may encounter when moving.

1.  Packing Problems

Make sure you get boxes and packing materials before you actually start to go through your belongings. That way, everything will be properly packed and sorted. If you label each box, by the room location, you’ll save time both during your move and while you unpack. Try to think of the task as a fun experience. That way, there’s less chance of feeling overwhelmed.

2. Physical Injury or Furniture Damage Problems

Moving is a dangerous job, if you don’t take necessary precautions. Heavy lifting and bending improperly are two common causes of moving-related injuries. Be prepared for the possibility of minor injuries, as well. This includes cuts and sprains. While moving your stuff out of your old home to your new one, be prepared with a first aid kit. Not being careful when carrying your things could cause a physical injury. In the unlikely event of an injury occurring, make sure you are prepared,” according to

3. Time Problems

Time management, when moving to a new residence, is extremely important. If  volunteers help you move, try to come to an agreement in regards to some type of schedule. That way, everyone will be prepared to help at the agreed upon times and you’ll be more confident the move will go smoothly.

4. Money Problems

Many of the costs associated with moving can be avoided by doing the work yourself. If your only choice is hiring a company, make sure it’s a reliable one that’s licensed and bonded. The last thing you want is to go to court, should your movers cause substantial damage. Also, you can consider using portable storage containers, which will reduce your costs and the reliance on a small window of time to complete the job.

5. Terminology Problems

Don’t make a move without understanding all of the legal paperwork associated with the home to which you’re relocating. Never sign a blank document, and make sure to pay close attention to the fine print. Seek legal counsel, in the event that things seem confusing to you. You can never be too careful, when it comes to adding your signature to a document.

6. Security Problems

In the whirlwind of moving, items can either be left unattended, or stored in places that are not secure.  Stay on top of where your valuable items are packed, and make sure that your belongings are stored or transported in places you trust.

Looking for Professional Help with Moving to a New Home?

The vast majority of moving problems typically gets solved, and the real key to success is pre-planning, so there’s certainly no reason to panic!  But what you can do is make your life easier by getting help from a reputable company that can store your packed items before moving day. By utilizing a secure, dry and clean portable storage container on your property in advance of your moving day, you already address some of the problems mentioned above.  Save time and money, and avoid packing complications and security issues, with the opportunity to pack your things on your own schedule. Go Mini’s is an award-winning self storage and moving company with over 200 dealerships throughout Canada, USA and Mexico, and our mobile containers have helped countless individuals and families move efficiently and with less stress.  Get a quote to find out how much you’ll save with us, and start the road to your new home with less worry!

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