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5 Signs That You Need Portable Storage Containers

2014 July 16
Written by Go Mini’s

Ever wondered if you might need to consider portable storage containers? Below are five signs that say you do.

1. You have a two car garage, but both cars are parked in the driveway

You bought a house with a two car garage because you wanted to be able to keep your cars out of the elements and out of the reach of would-be thieves. But over time your cars have been squeezed out and the garage transformed into the most avoided item on your to-do list.

Similarly, if you there is a car buried in your garage that is inaccessible without moving more than two items, it’s time to look into getting a storage container… or having a garage sale.

2. Rooms in your home look more like portable storage containers than living spaces

Originally it was going to be your guest room, but since you didn’t have very many guests, you transformed it into a craft room (or workout room or home office). The problem is that you never use it for that reason. Instead, the room has become an oversized closet that is uninhabitable by guests, or you for that matter!

3. The shed is overflowing with tools

The shed in the backyard was put there to store the lawnmower and other gardening equipment to keep it out of the elements. The longer you’ve lived in the house, the more tools you’ve accumulated. A table saw here, a drill press there, a leaf mulcher, a compost bin you’ve never used, and the supplies for that raised garden you promised your wife you’d build.

Truth be told, the shed can’t hold it all. Something will have to be sacrificed to the elements if you don’t upgrade to a portable storage container.

4.  The TV show “Hoarders” has contacted you wanting to donate portable storage containers and film your life

Let’s be honest, there are pack rats and there are hoarders. One is an organizational challenge and one is a psychological challenge. Both have their limitations, and both could use some help getting organized.

5. You have lots of Pinterest projects that you’ve started but haven’t finished yet and they’re interfering with family life

Pinterest inspires you. The problem with all the Pinspiration is that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. The sofa you found at a neighbor’s garage sale and bought to reupholster is still sitting in the guest bedroom with its original upholstery.

The holiday wreaths you planned to make as Christmas presents last year are sitting, unfinished, on the dining room table. It’s July.

Clothing items you could have donated to Goodwill are in a bag next to the sewing table just waiting to be repurposed into baby clothes, pillows, quilts, etc.

Nobody can fault you for your good intentions, but when those intentions render your dining room, bedroom and other rooms in your home unusable, it’s time to look into portable storage containers, for your sanity and the sanity of your family members.

If you need portable storage containers in Toronto, call Go mini’s at 416-777-9400. We have a variety of mobile storage units ready to deliver to you. Don’t forget to check out our Packaging Supplies and Portable Storage Containers. We also offer storage solutions for Commercial Services.

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