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The Ultimate Guide to Moving in Together

2014 December 24
Written by Go Mini’s

If you are considering moving in with your significant other, lean on moving containers in Toronto for help. Making the transition from boyfriend and girlfriend to cohabitants is often more difficult than some would expect. Aside from intensifying the relationship, you’ll also have to fit the items of two people into a single living space.

Establish A Game Plan

When you decide to move in with your main squeeze, it’s important to realize just how stressful the moving process can be. Moving is physically and mentally taxing and it creates the potential for potentially disastrous disagreements. A drama filled move-in is no way to start your cohabitation. One of the most difficult decisions to make is determining whose stuff goes where. There might not be enough space for all of your possessions.

When you are determining what to fill your portable storage container with, spend a few moments analyzing how many possessions you have, how many your new roommate will have and the space that they have to fit into. Don’t duplicate items as they’ll take up space that you could use for other items or keep open as spacious walkways.

Downsize your belongings so that you aren’t tempted to cut your lease short and move into a larger apartment. You don’t have to adopt a strict minimalist ethos but there’s no sense in having two of everything in your new digs.

Move in a Smart And Efficient Manner

The move-in process will be much easier if you make use of a portable storage container. Rely on Go Mini’s portable storage containers. They are lightweight and durable as they are made of steel that can take a beating and still protect your items. These nifty portable storage containers were designed with the homeowner in mind. You can pick them up in three different lengths: 12′, 6′ and 20′. Each is 8′ wide by 8′ high. The 20′ container is the best value as it can store plenty of your possessions so that you can reduce the number of total trips.

Each is built with a translucent roof that lets in light so that you can load your items with ease. There’s also a locking roll-up door for added convenience and security. Each is built with a step to simplify the loading process.  Your possessions won’t come into contact with the ground thanks to its ample ground clearance.

Go Mini containers can be lifted with ease so that your sensitive items stored inside don’t move around. You can even store clothes inside of these containers thanks to their sturdy railings.

Will It Fit?

Another key consideration is the measurements of your furniture as well as your apartment’s entryways. Measure your couch, chairs, desks and tables to ensure that they’ll fit through the door. Then determine if your new living space will have sufficient room for all of the items.

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