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This is Why First Time Homeowners Love Portable Storage Units

2015 April 29
Written by Go Mini’s

It really isn’t hard to understand why first-time homeowners love the convenience of portable storage units. Traditional storage options are becoming a thing of the past. Gone is the hassle of transporting your belongings across town or, worse yet, across the country. When you utilize portable storage, your only responsibility is packing and unpacking. Continue reading to learn more.

Portable Storage Units Allow You to Move at Your Own Pace

With a traditional moving truck, all of the moving and the unpacking usually has to be done in one day, unless you pay additional rental fees. With a mobile storage unit, you can move and unpack at your leisure. Non-essential items can stay in the storage pod until you’ve had time to get your new house ready to move in. Not only that, but your belongings will always be easy to access by simply going to the storage pod or requesting a re-delivery.

Scheduling is Simple

During a move, everything doesn’t always go as planned. Should there be a scheduling mishap, your belongings will be safe inside your storage unit until things get resolved.

Using a mobile storage unit also eliminates the need to schedule around painting or other maintenance work that may be happening around your new house. In the event that you need to move in a hurry, a mobile storage unit is the perfect option.

Cost-Effective, points out that when you compare the cost of mobile storage containers to the cost of truck rental, fuel, and other costs associated with a moving truck, mobile storage units are much more cost-effective, particularly if your moving truck has to make multiple trips. Moving is already an expensive endeavour, it’s important to keep costs down whenever possible.

Ideal for Renovations

Mobile storage units are also very useful for clearing out your house, in order to renovate. Much like with a move, your stuff can be kept safely inside the unit and moved back in after all of the work has been completed. This way, you can keep your stuff safe and secure while also keeping it close and easy to access.

Ready to Rent Portable Storage Units

This is just a brief overview of some of the benefits of using portable storage units, whether you’re a new homeowner or just making renovations. Take some of the stress out of moving and contact us for more information. Scheduling a delivery is easy and rental fees are probably more affordable than you think!

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