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5 Tools Everyone Who Is Moving This Spring Should Be Using

2015 April 22
Written by Go Mini’s

Are you thinking about using mobile storage units for moving? If so, it’s a great idea! The pods are actually among the list of “five tools everyone who is moving this spring should be using.” Read further, to get the scoop in regard to making your move easier. Believe it or not, it DOESN’T have to be a nightmare.

1. Moving Blankets

Moving blankets can be wrapped around all sorts of precious items, from couches and coffee tables to large electronics like tvs. These large, thick blankets are perfect for protecting delicate items from scratches or bumps that it may suffer during the move.

2. Mobile Storage

Mobile storage units are an excellent way to both store and transport your belongings during a move. These storage pods can be ordered for your move and many companies even deliver them.

Once your belongings are stored inside, the pod can be delivered back to the company where they can keep your belongings safe and secure. Many of these pods can also be used to transport your belongings from your old house to your new home.

3. Sliders

Furniture sliders are plastic disks that can be fitted underneath the legs for heavier furniture, such as desks, book shelves, and filing cabinets. These disks make it easy to slide the furniture across both hardwood floors and carpets, while protecting your flooring from potential damage.

4. Ropes or Straps

Another moving essential that people often forget to seek out is moving straps. Using moving straps to help lift heavier objects is a great way to avoid back strain and injury. The straps can also be used to secure items to a dolly, or into a truck. advises that keeping extra rope or straps on hand could help to get you out of a bind later on.

5. Labels

Whether it’s with a label maker or masking tape and a marker, make sure that you label every box, bag, and item that you move. Labels are especially useful for identifying cables for your computer and entertainment center, according to Labeling all the plugs and accessories for your electronics beforehand can help to keep them organized throughout the moving process.

The Most Simple Moving Hack

Moving is never easy. Making use of these five tools goes a long way when it comes to reducing the stress of relocating. This is especially true when you choose to use mobile storage units. For more info on the benefits of using portable storage containers, don’t hesitate to contact us. Remember, the more efficient you are, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy your new surroundings.

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