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10 Awesome Apps to Help You With Inventory Management

2014 October 15
Written by Go Mini’s

Sourcing the right retail storage solutions for your business is extremely important especially if your business has a high stock turnover rate. With items constantly on the move between storage, stock rooms and the shop floor, an effective inventory management system is required to keep count of current stock.

The best things in life can actually be free and still work effectively. Here are some of the efficient inventory management apps that can be sourced and used for free:


The app can be used to track and manage vendors, as well as the movement of stock at every stage between storage and point of sale. It can also be used to introduce new product lines.


This app provides a complete sales solution. It has an easy-to-use, built-in inventory management system that supports activities such as sales quote creation, ordering and invoicing.


This app is specifically designed for those trading in electronic components. It is not as in-depth as the two previous apps but is ideal if you are working in this particular sector.


If you are concerned about having your company’s details on the web, then this app is ideal. It can still handle a large volume of inventory and be used to create bills and deal with customer orders.

ABC Inventory

Small businesses need unique solutions, and this app is one of them. It is a standalone system that is best used from a single PC.

The following five apps are pay to use. While they differ in both price and complexity, there should be at least one that meets your business needs.

Inventory Tracker

Unique to the iPad, it is highly efficient at tracking inventory. Its portable nature makes it ideal for bigger businesses. There are two versions available with the Pro version costing just $3.99.

SOS Inventory

This app is part of the Intuit App Center and can be integrated easily with Quickbooks to streamline many elements of your business. Its cost depends on the number of features included in the package.

Retail Inventory

Retail Inventory is an integrated system that scans bar codes and supports your business through to the point of sale. There are two versions of the app with the premium version costing $75 a month.


Lettuce is a complete business solution that can be used to manage everything from shipping to order capturing. However, at $59 per month, plus an extra $25 for every additional user, it is not the cheapest option.


At $99 a month, this is one of the most expensive options. However, it is considered to be like having an additional member of staff. It is fully interactive and saves both time and staff hours.

Choosing the right app for your business will support other decisions taken to improve your business. Knowing where your stock is will save time and money and ensure that you invest in the right retail storage solutions.

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