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About Our Portable Storage Containers


Lightweight all-steel portable storage containers, designed specifically for residential and light commercial self-storage and moving applications.

Three Length Options

All Go Mini’s are 8’ wide by 8’ high. You choose from our 12′, 16′ or 20′ container lengths.

20′: Largest and best value 16′: Popular mid-size 12′: Handy cube

Translucent Roof

Let's in plenty of light to the portable storage container, making loading an easy task.

Locking Roll-Up Door

Convenient and secure door – similar to those used in most self-storage facilities.

Near Ground Level Loading

Our portable storage containers have a single easy step for easy loading, yet have 8″ of ground clearance to avoid moisture issues.

Dry & Clean Storage Containers

Our NEW vented, galvanized steel exterior reduces moisture and humidity inside, whilst staying watertight. A steel construction inside and out prevents the risk of transmitting pests, termites or bedbugs that can make themselves at home in a wood environment.

Steady Lifting

When we move your Go Mini's container, it’s a smooth lift to ensure the contents don’t shift inside the pod at all. Our Go Mini's containers will all fit neatly in a one-car driveway.

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