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The Pros and Cons of a DIY Move You Should be Aware of

December 9, 2014

Should I hire a moving company or not? Do I want the ease of a professional move or the affordability of a DIY move? Let’s take a look at the arguments for both sides. DIY Move Pros: It’s affordable You trust yourself with your own possessions You can set your own schedule You’re not taking […]

Essential Tips on Stocking Inventory for Holiday Shopping Season Every Retailer Should Know

December 5, 2014

It’s coming up to that crazy time of year again, where festive decorations adorn shop windows, Christmas music plays on a constantly repeating loop, and retailers stock up for the holiday season before the start of Thanksgiving. Consumers are taking to the internet now more than ever, and with the logistical bottleneck certain items can create in terms […]

Snow Storm While You’re Moving? Keep Calm and Read These Tips

November 28, 2014

Regardless of the season, portable storage containers are essential for any move. If you’re moving in the winter, be prepared for possible snowstorms. You never know when one might be brewing, even if the weather forecast says otherwise. If you have to move in inclement weather, keep calm and follow these tips. It may take […]

Don’t Move In With Your Friends Before Reading These Tips

November 22, 2014

Moving in with friends might seem like a great idea. After all, you know your friends and you enjoy their company. Most people figure there is very little that can go wrong, but moving in with friends still requires a lot of preparation, and, in some cases, more preparation than moving in with a roommate […]

8 Tips to Make Moving in Winter Much Easier

November 18, 2014

Moving is already a difficult task, and the difficulties placed in your way by the winter season can make things even more complicated. Here are eight tips that you should follow to make winter moving much easier: 1. Start Extra Early It’s daylight savings time. This means that instead of enjoying the sun’s rays until […]

Why Using Portable Storage Containers Can Help Your Retail Store Make More Money?

October 29, 2014

Portable storage containers are a modern, cost-efficient way to store excess stock. They can be used to store a wide variety of non-perishable items that there is no room for within your existing storage space. They are ideal for businesses that currently do not have the funds or space to build their own storage facilities. […]

Should I Use Self Storage or Portable Storage Containers?

October 22, 2014

When it comes to storage solutions for your belongings, inventory or other items, you have three main choices: Try to fit it in your home, rent space at a self-storage facility, or rent portable storage containers. If you are experiencing garage overflow, or you are stuffing way too much stuff in closets, offices or spare […]

10 Awesome Apps to Help You With Inventory Management

October 15, 2014

Sourcing the right retail storage solutions for your business is extremely important especially if your business has a high stock turnover rate. With items constantly on the move between storage, stock rooms and the shop floor, an effective inventory management system is required to keep count of current stock. The best things in life can […]

5 Ways Portable Storage Containers Can Save You Money

October 8, 2014

If you’re looking for an easy, economical way to store your overflowing possessions, expand the inventory for your small business, or move into a new house, don’t forget portable storage containers. They will end up saving you, money, time and aggravation.   Portable storage containers take the hassle out of storage or moving, and give you […]

Storing Your Gardening Tools The Smart Ways

September 24, 2014

When you maintain your garden, you save on the cost of hiring a professional gardener. Maintaining your garden also involves taking care of your gardening tools which do not come cheap. If you do not take proper care of your tools, they will not last and constant replacement is expensive in the long term. A […]